Thursday, June 6, 2013


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I was watching MSNBC this morning to get the days right wing talking points-- which we learned were to repeat the phrase, This White House is awash in scandal as many times as possible--when they had on another liberal author with his latest, the Kennedy's were better leaders than Obama because they were white.

Joe Scarborough( ) the Conservative Host who actually makes all the guest decisions not just on Morning Joe but on all MSNBC programs--more on that later--offered one of the most racist comments I've ever heard him utter when he said, "Bobby Kennedy is one of my hero's... he was the only politician who could bring blacks & whites together[since as racists we refuse to listen to anyone black]."

I quickly rushed--okay had to get my run on first but still did it the minute I got back--to see the on-line feed of the segment to make sure I heard it right. To my surprise the site administrators had abruptly or not so abruptly cut the part out realizing how racist that comment was, while leaving in the part about Kennedy going to Indianapolis and telling the enraged violent prone black animals to heel allowing for Indy to have peace when all the other cities burned.

The fact that every white idiot writes a book or makes a movie has to use as its major selling point how much better of a leader the white politicians are as compared with the black one in the White House today is one thing but to offer that racist whites will never listen to a black politician ie one oh, let's just say happens to be named President Barack Obama simply because of his race is crazy and I fully understand why in the web save they cut that part out.

Markos Moulitsas() was a contributor seen often on MSNBC who runs the liberal website Daily Kos who often disagreed with Scarborough. One day Markos was informed that he was no longer welcome on any MSNBC shows for not being weak enough in defending President Obama.

Joe Williams( who has me blocked on Twitter) was on one of the afternoon shows on MSNBC when he offered that former Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney was more comfortable around rich white people. Not only was that statement far from Racist it was more than accurate even if offered as opinion. But Williams was suspended and later fired for his comments and Scarborough's finger prints were all over it.

Ever wonder why Joy Ann Reid( another Black journo has me blocked) has never
appeared on Morning Joe? Reid is by far the most apt African-American Journalist working in America today but she never appears on the networks number one show and she's constantly passed over for promotions for part-time Sista's with half the insight and pigmentation as Reid. My guess, Scarborough has forbid Reid from her rightful place at the Network because she refuses to be a pansy for Scarborough's racism. 

I've written in this blog before how Conservatives in their racist refusal to give Obama credit for his success have bought up all of mainstream media in this Country certain that with control of all the teleprompter's they could use them to topple the evil Muslim, Socialist Obama Administration but the recent push to double down on the blatant racism has simply gone beyond the pale.

The last ratings books had MSNBC dead last among cable News Networks languishing behind CNN which has become so racist its not even watchable anymore. I spoke on the eve of the election of how blacks will never again trust the mainstream media for lying in an effort to unseat the President for no other reason than his race. I stand by that today as much as I did then.

It is my belief that after wasting billions of dollars trying to overthrow the American Government Conservatives put their trust in people like Joe Scarborough who's belief in the gullibility if not stupidity of the electorate has convinced them that no lie or no fake scandal is too silly in their quest to overturn the 2008 election. I'm reminded of the story that the 2010 text books for our public schools start with our first President & ends with our forty-third President. Are we really going to stand for this? Those are my thoughts as usual I invite yours.


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