Monday, June 17, 2013


Real Brother here. Play resumes. Its been bothering the hell outta' me that our Conservative owned media was so quick to jump on the NSA story believing the racist nuts Greenwald & Snowden hailing them as heroes, whistle blowers and patriots when they are basically arguing that Obama might listen to your phone calls and emails and might track your every movement.

Hell Obama might rob the First National Bank or dye his hair red and go into the Batman movie and shoot seventy-two race mixers on behalf of the Tea Party after applying for 501c Tax Exempt status, but until he does its silly to speculate let alone vilify or demonize him for it. But yet every pundit & commentator with a cheap suit is lined up to praise the racist liars for bringing our attention to the horrible invasive surveillance that our Government might do.

"Whether you like Obama or not, we have to understand if we elect Adolf Hitler he could use the Patriot Act & NSA to spy on Jesse Owens."  is what they say. First of all, if we elect Adolf Hitler we have far bigger problems then collecting the phone and Internet records of the American people and second of all I don't think Jesse Owens is trippin' on having his calls to the middle east tracked.

That brings me to my thought had the leaker been Tyrone Jackson & the reporter been Akbar Muhammad of the Final Call Magazine would these same Conservative idiots have been so quick to run with a story that not only didn't have legs, it didn't have arms, torso, head or anything else.

Lets seriously look at the actual charges and not the lies that Snowden and Greenwald told; Obama's collecting information on every phone call Internet communication and email. That was a lie. Then a promise that more will be revealed more shocking and infuriating than the other lies. What we found out was the NSA was spying on China and Britain with the help of the NSA was spying on Russia. So in other words the NSA was doing what the NSA does and that's monitor the communications of our allies as well as our enemies.
Shocking, infuriating I say!

All of us now know that Glenn Greenwald and Edward Snowden are two racist nuts who hate President Obama because he's Black. They feel its their duty to take Obama down to preserve the myth that whites are superior to blacks. Snowden in an Internet chat--designed to prove he was sane-- was asked his reasoning for coming forward with these lies? His answer? Well, Obama promised to close Gitmo signed an Executive Order his second day in office, found an alternative Illinois location for remaining prisoners but racists in the Congress--both houses to spite Obama and put him in his place--voted down the funding request and prohibited Gitmo detainees from being brought to American soil. The House has voted for five years to prohibit anyone at Gitmo to be tried anywhere but at Gitmo. Congress has attached to every NDAA an amendment keeping Gitmo open tying payments to our troops during war time to keeping the prison that serves no real purpose other than to shame America open.

Yep, it was all Obama's fault because after all, he's black.

Shame on Greenwald, Snowden and on us for not calling them on their racist fishing expedition. This is an abuse of white privilege. OK you don't like the fact that our President is black, we get it but to break the law in an effort to shame him and disrupt Democracy goes beyond the pale. Giving secrets to China and Russia is treason and while I fully understand how any attempt to prosecute these racists will be seen as targeting Conservative groups--even though Greenwald claims to be a Democrat--I would hope that when Snowden is arrested and Greenwald is charged with aiding and abetting a fugitive that more than just me speaks out. Sadly few will believe me or even listen because at the end of the day I'm black while Snowden and Greenwald are white. Dang, if they only were black.


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