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Thursday, July 18, 2013


Real Brother here. Play resumes.

Empowerment Radio Host Warren Ballentine--has me blocked on Twitter (@Truthfighter1) has embarked on what he's calling "Blackout Friday" in which he's encouraging blacks to boycott Black Friday by not spending one dime on what to many retailers is their busiest day of the year. This in protest to the verdict in the George Zimmerman trial that was devastating to so many  blacks who weren't paying attention to the last four-hundred & fifty years in this Country.                      

The thinking behind the campaign is if racists think so little of us that they'd allow the murder of innocent black children in the streets, then certainly if we fine them what would amount to all of  ten dollars per major retailer this will send the message that blacks are just as dumb and stupid as they thought.

"A whole ten dollars for killing a black thug? Heres a hot two hundred!" ~Wal Mart

How is boycotting Macy's on Black Friday going to punish George Zimmerman or get Justice for Trayvon? 

Ballentine's initiative is also a shot across the bow of Reverend Al Sharpton who's calling for non violent protest marches & vigils in one hundred US cities in order to pressure the Justice Department to file Federal Hate Crime & Civil Rights violation charges against Zimmerman.

Warren argues that marches & protests don't work and that the ten dollar fine is the only way to break the multi-billion dollar corporations and get justice for Trayvon Martin. He also offers that there is no way in hell that the Justice Department can win a case in which they would have to prove that Zimmerman had hatred & a depraved mind when he stalked & killed Trayvon. Oh and the Justice Department would also have the burden of proving beyond a reasonable doubt that Trayvon Martin was black & Zimmerman wasn't.

While I had heard of the James Byrd Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Act I had not read it to the point to where I would argue against Warren's claim that the burden of proof would be so high(depraved mind, racist hatred of blacks, KKK membership, Fox News Contributor etc.)  to dispute his argument that the ten dollar fine would be a better approach.

So like a real talk show host I decided to look the law up which you can find here; http://www.justice.gov/crt/about/crm/matthewshepard.php  To my surprise it says right there in the first paragraph;

(1) the crime was committed because of the actual or perceived race, color, religion, national origin of any person or (2) the crime was committed because of the actual or perceived religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability of any person and the crime affected interstate or foreign commerce or occurred within federal special maritime and territorial jurisdiction. 

 In short, the Hate Crimes Act does not suggest at all that you have to prove what's in George Zimmerman's heart or that he's a racist or even a Fox New Contributor or Tea Party Nut indeed, it only says he must have "committed" a crime against someone based on "actual" or "perceived" race, color etc. The law is not complicated at all, did he target Trayvon because of "perceived" beliefs about his race? Did he kill him as a result?

Warren says, "How you gonna prove it? There were robberies and the perpetrators were black & had two arms and legs just like Trayvon? The other perpetrators were walking up right & stuff exactly like Trayvon".

This is an ultra dumb argument because the law makes no provision for your excuse-- only that you singled out someone for slaughter based on your bias & preconceived notions, all of which Zimmerman admitted to in the trial. Remember the DOJ doesn't have to prove that Zimmerman was a Racist only that he committed a crime based on race.

But since we'd be there & dressed would it hurt to call his racist father to the stand to talk about his article in which he argues that blacks are racist for not letting people like George kill Trayvon and get away with it? Would it hurt if we put his brother Robert Zimmerman on the stand so he can show any number of his appearances on CNN or his Twitter posts where his disdain for blacks is well documented?

Maybe we can play a snippet of Michael Jackson's Billie Jean and ask Zimmerman's mother if she recognizes that voice: "That's Georgie". And let's not forget his COUSIN who came out to ask Zimmerman what happened and told the police she knew George had shot Trayvon cause he was black because his family as she put it, hates blacks.

There have been four cases that have been tried since President Obama signed the the James Byrd Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Act into law. The first three cases were incidents where gay men were beaten and a Sheik cab driver in New York was the fourth case. All resulted in convictions.

I joked about Zimmerman Attorney Mark O'mara representing the killers of Matthew Shepard bringing fifty hookers before the court to swear they had sex with Shepard & that he wasn't gay at all.

"Self-Defense. It was Shepard who attacked them. They had every right to kidnap him beat him to death & tie him up like a scarecrow in an open field. This case should have never been brought its a travesty!" ~MO

But of course the gay community wouldn't stand for such shenanigans because they don't hate themselves as a collective like we as blacks do. If a court can prove that Matthew Shepard was gay in spite of a racist nut like O'mara creating what he thinks passes for reasonable doubt then how difficult would it be to prove Trayvon was black?

Warren is simply wrong when he dismisses the NAACP petition for the Federal Government to indict George Zimmerman. Ballentine has made it clear he doesn't like Al Sharpton because it is believed by he and a few others that Sharpton struck a deal with the FBI when he was targeted in a drug scheme as well as the IRS problems his organization had(he's a plant, he's a snitch).

"If you black & you oppose racism & the Government targets you then you're guilty or you cut a deal or something I mean after all you're black." ~WB

Ballentine is the last one who should hold the Government targeting someone black for activism against them. Warren is fighting all kinda' charges as we speak and is most likely innocent. I too have been targeted for the same reasons as Sharpton, Jesse Jackson Jr., Ballentine and anyone else black who opposes racism & white supremacy. The last thing any of us need to do is point the finger at one another(but for the grace of God).

Warren will dismiss me as a "hater" and cite the fact that Massa won't widely distribute my show anymore than they distribute his. But I will brush those claims off because this is about the lives of our children and while whites can afford to be mis-informed all day long we as blacks cannot.

On my show the Friday before the verdict I told my listeners, I was good. Even if the Jury came back with a Not Guilty verdict we got all the information into the record that Zimmerman profiled, stalked & killed Trayvon Martin because he was black. This information will be very helpful in the real trial the Federal Hate Crimes trial and I'll be damn if these black Idiots sans a clue mess it up by their coonin' & buffoonery. As Obama would say; let's get er' done(slaps podium). 

Those are my thoughts, as usual I invite yours.


That said, I make this plea again to finance the outlets, the media that will allow us to simply PUT OUT THE MESSAGE. I'm not promising to give anyone a monetary return but if I have an audience with Oprah or Magic I'm not asking them for $10, I'm asking them for the INFORMATION of how they became Billionaires and isn't that more valuable than the ten dollars? Those are my thoughts as usual I invite yours.

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