Friday, August 23, 2013


Real Brother here. Play Resumes. 

TRUE STORY: Former Wash State/USC Basketball Coach George Raveling said while in college his team found themselves in  DC to play a college basketball game. 

Someone came to the hotel asking for volunteers to stand next to the podium in case the racists got ignorant during Dr. King's "I Have A Dream" speech

George was a Real Brother so he said; hell yea I'll do it. He's standing next to Dr. King at the podium. After the speech Dr. King stepped off the stage made eye contact with Raveling nodded and casually handed the type written speech to him.  

Check it out below in a recent Inside the NBA FEATURE:


While the "I have a Dream Speech" is the most often quoted speech if not of Dr. King then of any speech in history. It wasn't Kings' most significant or impactful.

Following the historic Selma March--where future Congressman John Lewis would be beaten to within' an inch of his life on the Petus Bridge--King delivered "Our God Is Marching On" It was a call to grant the vote to the Nations black population. It was the speech that led to the Voting Rights Act of 1965. 

You can read the speech here: http://mlk-kpp01.stanford.edu/index.php/encyclopedia/documentsentry/doc_address_at_the_conclusion_of_selma_march/ 

Finally as we take in the festivities of the 50th Anniversary of the March On Washington let us not allow the Ninety-Eight percent of mainstream media that is owned by Conservatives(ie racists) to rob us of the true history of this moment.

The true history is that blacks were fighting the myth that our race and culture is inferior. That we are criminals by nature that we are a problem no, check that, not a problem but THE problem.

Our collective internalization and acceptance of these lies, myths and stereotypes while ebbed by the election of the Nations first black President are still among the biggest challenges we face. 

Nobody would be mad at me if I ended with the warning that though we've come a long way we still have far to go, etc. but I'm not gonna do that. I'm gonna say stop, relax, reflect, pay attention but most of all just be thankful--if for just one weekend--pat yourself on the back and know that you're doin' a hell of a job by just being here. 

Those are my thoughts as usual, I invite yours. 


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