Thursday, August 29, 2013

RB v. Charles M. Blow

Real Brother here. Play Resumes. I had to address this disturbing practice of insulting President Obama by scolding him for not being more like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. See, racists were able to kill Dr. King and they just can't quite seem to get close enough to Obama so they had to settle for Trayvon Martin. Its all Obama's fault he should be a more accessible target, shame on him. 

Charles M. Blow--has me blocked on Twitter( ) wrote a piece called "The Most Dangerous Negro" you can read it here: ‘The Most Dangerous Negro’ http://nyti.ms/191qQLe  The article is faulty starting at its premise. How Dangerous is a dead Negro? I know the point is no he was dangerous that's why racists killed him but again how dangerous is somebody that racists can simply kill?

The thinking is, Dr. King was killed because his speech was so much better than President Obama's his ability to get legislation passed better, his sway on the media better, criminal justice system better his health care reform proposals, better and King's plan for how to handle Syria crossing the "Red Line" probably would have been better.

Its the height of lazy thinking(and Journalism) that somehow King was a better more convincing figure because racists were successful in killing him. The fact that racists like Chuck Todd--has me blocked on Twitter--( ) or Piers Morgan() are eager to let Mr. Blow or poverty pimp Tavis Smiley( ) on their shows to tout the inadequacies of our current President to that of  President King.., what? Dr. King wasn't President? Oh, thank you Hillary you're right Obama's no Dr. King, but still.

The absurdity of this thinking especially coming from blacks like Charles M. Blow is even more alarming and ridiculous. I'm not a "blame the media" type brother but when nienty-eight percent of our media is owned by Conservatives(ie racists) anyone bashing a living black leader in favor of a dead one is going to get major play on every Network and Newspaper in the South. Remember, when it comes to media, ninety-eight percent IS the deep South.

I'm not stupid I know if you want influence and a consideration of your ideas you have to get media exposure and if you aren't willing to bash President Obama you ain't gettin' no run, but that doesn't change reality just because you can't get on television without lying.


If President Obama, or me for that matter were to travel fifty years back in time sneak in the back door of the Civil Rights Movement, would the advantage of that fifty years of foresight not give the President an incredible advantage?

Warren Ballentine--has me blocked on Twitter--( ) in making his case that marching, speeches and singing "We Shall Overcome" does nothing, played a 1963 tape of Malcolm X(surprisingly doesn't have me blocked on Twitter) where he criticized Dr. Kings Selma March for Voting Rights and the March on Washington Speech because neither resulted in any tangible legislation.

"No that's not true Mr. X the Selma to Montgomery March will result in the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and the I Have A Dream Speech will result in the 1964 Civil Rights Act"

Who are you? I'm Barry Obama I'm from the future.

Well you're wrong Barry those Marches did nothing but get people killed and that young brother John Lewis beat up.

"No that's not true Mr. X, John Lewis grows up to be a Congressman as a direct result of the Rights that those marches brought about."

OK, get this fool outta' here ain't no black Congressman won't ever be no black Congressman not in this Country. Next he'll be telling me they made The Butler President.

I could continue but you get the idea. It makes us uncomfortable to admit that the fifty year advantage President Obama has over Dr. King means that Obama's speech is better than Dr. Kings but its simply a fact. What we can't do is diminish the Presidents speech or tear it down because by doing so you get to go on Meet The Press or Morning Joe as a featured guest(This Obama Bashing Segment is Brewed by

Blow misses badly with that one. 99.9% of the LOVE America's enemies have for Dr. King is rooted in the fact that at the end of the day racists killed him. Let's not romanticize that. King upset the apple cart he challenged white supremacy and racists did him like Zimmerman did Trayvon. It hurts my heart that in fifty years Trayvon will no longer be a "Thug who got what he deserved" but a WARNING to other young blacks that if we want to kill you, we can and will.

I understand Blow's meaning and intent but let's not fool ourselves; America's enemies love stories of struggle and failure where the Black Guy dies at the end.

So sad so tragic the black rabble rouser died tragically,  get a racist a tissue. ~Racist

No the solution is NOT to allow racists to make martyrs out of blacks or even whites(Gabby Giffords) who would dare challenge the myth that Whites are Superior, even if just by supporting a black President who they can't seem to destroy.

No we focus not on their successes as example but their failures and that would be President Obama. They could murder all forty million black people and all five of the whites who reject the notion of white supremacy but if Obama is still standing, racists will feel they have failed.  They want Obama let's make sure they don't get him.

Those are my thoughts as usual I invite yours. 


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