Thursday, August 15, 2013

RB vs. Russell Simmons

Real Brother here. Play Resumes 

I wasn't gonna write this one in part because I was hoping it wouldn't be a big deal and in part if I didn't say anything it probably wouldn't be a big deal. 

But when my former cohort now has me blocked on Twitter, NPB() said he was gonna do a You Tube video where he'd bash Russell Simmons()and join the chorus of black man haters(BMH)who saw the video as an attack on all black women as opposed to the singular albeit crass, deplorable, isolated abomination that it was, I figured somebody has to tell the truth less these idiots set racial progress back fifty years.

I hope by now you saw the video because you will not see it here. I think its weak that people who are so upset with the video will risk life and limb to dig it out the trash dust it off and distribute it all day long. 

I did see the video--I was as curious as anyone. It was horrible, not funny and of a depraved black woman as stereotype mind and yes there was a smidgeon of hate indicative of a Brother who married an Asian woman who was running round town telling people she was black. 

One BMH before she blocked me said; "This is proof that even in death black women can't escape the hatred that men have for us" ~BMH 

Come on Sista' you doin' too much. 

While there is no question Russell has issues with black women this video should not be construed as what he or anyone thinks of all black women. We have the best First Lady ever and I'd go as far as to say there will never be another better representative of women in the White House unless & until Rodney Peete becomes President. 

Anyone who tries to say that the Harriet Tubman video is what men think of black women they are being intellectually dishonest. ~RB

Another black man hater before she blocked me said; "I'm waiting for an apology has he given one no?" ~BMH I offered yes he has offered an apology but you won't accept it because you have a black man hating black agenda and are using this as a platform for your attack on the biological gender roles of men and women which you don't like.

You can view Russell's apology if you haven't seen it here: http://usat.ly/14BCyYH via @USATODAY 

I was the first one to predict that Russell would apologize and the BMH's wouldn't accept his apology and would be egged on by racists who will use the opportunity to attack black male leadership which is racist code speak for we can't stand Obama cause he's black like Russell. 

"If Obama had a twin brother he'd look just like Russell Simmmons" ~Racist 

Should we let what racists will say or do dictate our actions? No we shouldn't but that doesn't mean we turn a blind eye to racist opportunists who will use this to prove that blacks are unfit to lead. 

Another black man hater said I can't "lump" all black women into one group but what the hell are you doing by suggesting that this video is an indictment of all black men and our feelings on black women? 

And who are we kidding, none of us like it but when blacks do something especially a prominent successful black man it will be construed as indicative of all of us. 

Another brother wondered out loud what's the difference between this video and Olivia Pope playing black people out every week lettin' white boys run trains on her(OK, but still damn near)? 

The Sista's were hot because certainly you can't equate an unattractive caricature of a Slave and her white Master with an extremely attractive accomplished self-hating wish she were white sellout Sista' suffering from Dark Girl Complex... and her Master?

Noted Black man hater(part-time Sista') Melissa Harris Perry has me blocked on Twitter() will have a bunch a gay dudes and a brother in a funny hat trying to make a joke of it bashing Russell and all but calling for Obama's resignation all weekend long. 

This of course is the same Melissa Harris Perry who was outraged at the movie "The Help" for portraying black women as maids and servants. The same Melissa Harris Perry that will campaign for Oprah to win an Oscar for her role in "The Butler" which is simply the male version of The Help.   

I can only imagine what the racists on CNN & FOX will be doing. 

"Obama's Twin Brother Russell Simmons Attacks All Black Women, Darryl Issa calls for Congressional Hearings,Impeachment"  

~Fox News  

The Idiots will say as a number of sissy soft Needtogrows have said that I'm an apologist for Russell and Obama that 
I must hate black women not to want to sacrifice the entire black race over this and that I'm crazy should be jailed etc. 

That's silly. Every time there's an incident like this I view it as a chance for much needed dialog between black men and women as to our collective problems. Black women see it as another chance to bash the hell outta black men and denounce the biological gender roles and patriarchy.

"We can't tell em'the truth because if we do they'll block us" ~RB 

There is but one solution to this problem and that is to denounce this video forgive Russell Simmons and the actors who appeared in it and promise to never allow something like this to happen again. The last thing we want to do is allow this video to set our race back fifty years by letting the enemies of the black race have a chance to say "See, they shouldn't exist". 

Russell Simmons is not George Zimmerman or Paula Deen and unlike that self-hating sellout ass show Scandal isn't on TV every week. 

Russell understands his error he's apologized good luck getting Kerry Washington & Shonda Ryhmes to do even half as much. ~RB

Finally, everyone wants to be heard and in a society that hates black men the best way to get heard is to bash a black man. I fully understand that(thus the misleading title of this article) but lets not lose sight of what's right and that is while we need to steer our Brothers in the right direction and scold them when they lose their way we aren't racists. We aren't so hardened and mean that we destroy anyone black and male that strays even just a little bit. 

Let's not throw out the baby with the bathwater. 

Those are my thoughts, as usual I invite yours. 


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  1. Wow...well... I guess now this will give em a break from talking about Bl on Bl crime in Chicago and focus on yet another topic they really care nothing about.
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