Friday, August 2, 2013

RB vs. Black Punditry On Trayvon

Real Brother here. Play resumes. Fox Sports columnist Jason Whitlock(@WhitlockJason) & Global Grind Founder Russell Simmons(@UncleRUSH) & others had blog posts, letters & comments on Don Lemon's-has me blocked on Twitter-(@DonLemonCNN) comments about racist nut Bill O'Reilly's(@oreillyfactor) comments about the degenerate inferior nature of blacks that makes the very sight or thought of us repulsive enough to shoot on sight. 

Its one thing for blacks working for the Ninety-Eight percent of our mainstream media that's owned by Conservatives to speak out or someone who stands to lose millions in endorsements & shoe money to speak out on these issues but for someone with nothing to lose or nothing they could take away has a special obligation to tell the truth so here we go. 

The tenor of these comments seemed to be yes blacks are poor degenerate and inferior but we have to look at the systematic effects of racism and the effect it has on young blacks. That if there were jobs & more funding for education then we could solve the problem. 

I so disagree. 

I think the problem is blacks like those who work in media have bought into the nonsense that something is fundamentally wrong with young black men and as such are clueless as to what it would really take to solve the problem. The fact is Ninety-three percent of two parent & single middle class families are not on welfare or living in poverty. 

This being the case why are black pundits talking only about the seven percent as opposed to getting that seven percent into the Ninety-three percent? Its getting to the point to where if employment was 99% the headline would read; "Dismal Unemployment Number, 1% Still Unemployed, Economists say real unemployment is somewhere around 2%."

Psychologists caution if we focus only on the negative then that becomes our consciousness. Is there anyone who really believes if blacks had acted like whites acted upon the arrest of Ariel Castro in the Cleveland kidnapping case that Zimmerman would be free to be racing down the highway in Texas
looking for Trayvon Martin the sequel? 

"My client had every right to defend himself kidnapping & attacking those women because he's white. Had Ariel Castro been black he would have never even been charged." ~Mark O'Mara 

Is it really the fault of whites that as blacks we buy the notion that the murder of Trayvon Martin is justified by the record number of murders in Chicago when blacks thought Mitt Romney would become President?

We can solve this problem by first not accepting any excuse for the murder of a black child no matter what that excuse is. We can solve this problem by using the Federal Hate Crime Laws, currently on the books that don't demand a depraved heart intent or proving that its George Zimmerman's voice on the Billie Jean single.

"My client had every right to kidnap & rape those women who without provocation attacked my client bashing his head into the concrete several times." ~Mark O'Mara 

But if all we focus on is the small percentage of negative as a way to avoid dealing with what's proven to work we play right into the hands of racists who at the end of the day are afraid of the very foundations of white supremacy that the Obama Presidency has called into question. 

Finally, Its tragic that I don't have a hundred million dollar Nike contract or a deal at the Food Network they could take from me for slipping up & telling the truth but on the bright side not having anything they can take away has its pluses. 

Those are my thoughts as usual I invite yours. 

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