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RB vs. Toure' Interview w/Sabrina Fulton

Real Brother here. Play Resumes.

To be honest its difficult to change the mind of someone who believes something with all of their heart. So when I saw an Opt Ed by Toure'-- has me blocked on Twitter( ), I was like; here we go the Part-Time Brother thinks the lighter complected blacks are the most fit to lead the fight against racism and oppression cause whites are more apt to accept them because they don't look like Real Brothers & Sista's who they simply can't stand, has come to save us poor Needtogrows.

Yet the Journalist in me was like, naw don't do that Theron read the Brothers piece and if you really and truly disagree with it then write about it and set the record straight but don't just attack him because you don't buy into his Talented Tenth nonsense.

Well, I'm writing about it so there's your answer. You can read the article yourself here: http://america.aljazeera.com/articles/2013/9/1/trayvon-had-a-dream.html  

ToureThe premise of the article is that Sabrina Fulton is picking up the pieces and doing what she can to get some satisfaction that her sons death was not in vain. On its face not a bad way to deal with the grief of the racist injustice that was done. Yet in reality its an endorsement of the injustice and a condoning of killing black children--as well as adults-- based on nothing but the color of their skin.

"This was a vocalization, I thought, of the stony face and the selflessness that attends what may feel like an extended out-of-body experience for her. My impression was that she is still in mourning, and still adjusting to her role as an accidental part of history. She didn't ask to be thrust onto the national stage." ~Toure 

This kinda talk is defeatist, its enabling and its deplorable. The implication is out of the ashes rises some good to take on the jolly green giant of racism and how wonderful it is that her defeat will not come without a fight. Please. The last person who should chart appropriate action in the death of that innocent child at the hand of that racist monster and his enablers is his mother.

The powerful elite in this Country is no sooner listening to Sabrina Fulton than they would Toure' because she has no power and they know they own him.  ~Realbrother


I was driving South on Vermont in Korea-Town when all the sudden a lady in a bucket made an abrupt left turn heading into the Bank of America on Olympic Blvd. I applied the breaks but couldn't stop in time and slammed right into her right side passenger door. Nobody was injured but my 74' Volkswagen bug was messed up in the front.

The lady-- let's call her Korie Ann--played the "I dont' speaka' the English" game but managed to get out that it was my fault cause after all I was black and most likely stupid enough to believe that I don't have the right of way driving down the street when she's dropping off yesterday's receipts. So after writing down her driver license number, plates and the fake phone number she gave me, I was able to track down her and her husband.

We met at the Doughnut shop they owned and I told them I was willing to mess up both of our insurance premiums by reporting the accident because the brother was telling me it would cost six-hundred dollars to fix my car. He decided to cut me a check.


So I get to the window at the Bank and its wall to wall Koreans but I'm not trippin' I get to the window the lady takes the check asks me for ID, types in some numbers and says; "I'm sorry we cannot cash this check".

I said what? Insufficient funds? The teller--let's call her Korie Ann-- said no, there's plenty of money its just that... I cut her off,  its just that I'm black. I want to talk to the Bank Manager? So Korie Ann goes in the back and a few seconds later here comes a Sista'. I figured they went back there & told her to put the dust mop down and go out here and handle this brother we're trying to beat.

 I was now incensed.

"Ain't no way in HELL the manager of a Korean Bank is Black. Now stop playin'  and get me the HEAD CHINK in Charge!" ~RB

So then another Korie comes out the back and says she would give me the money but now she won't because I said, "...Chink in Charge"(I guess they were offended cause they're Korean). So after calling the account holder he came down and approved the transaction and I was on my way.


So Toure' as an agent of the racists of our ninety-eight percent Conservative owned mainstream media who was sent to pacify Sabrina Fulton and insure to the powered elite, that indeed the blacks will wallow in misery without doing anything that would challenge the status of whites as superior or push for a Federal prosecution of George Zimmerman which would turn the entire racist Florida Court System on its ear.

Toure' was like that Sista' that they sent out to blow me off thinking that because she was black then certainly the racists couldn't be racist because they had a black maid. Toure' would say that I'm hating because he can work for racists and still fight to keep Sabrina Fulton and Tracy Martin from pursuing justice for their son, but that's nonsense you may be upset that the dark skinned brother was killed by the racist but are you really willing to risk your job over a black family that you feel shouldn't exist?

And I'll say it, had Trayvon Martin been Halle Berry's kid from Al Bundy, I wouldn't mind
Toure' coming to their defense if only because I'd believe he was being sincere. Yes if blacks are wronged by racists then blacks should be the ones to step up to defend them not the part-time brother with a nod and a wink to Mr. Charlie.


This is a trick and Sabrina Fulton should not be falling for it. The State Courts had their chance they failed, now its time for the Federal Courts to do what they were designed to do and that's prosecute Hate Crimes that racist States refuse to. Encouraging-- even if subtly Sabrina and Tracy to pursue non prosecutable means to bring the murderers of their son to justice and that includes every racist liar that got up on that stand and under oath said that was George screaming in Trayvon's voice on that 911 tape is not the move.

We've seen at least two Jurors and Zimmerman's wife express their guilt at what we all know was a travesty of justice. If everyone associated with this farce goes insane with guilt its not our job to let them off the hook with hollow toothless crusades that don't result in a Federal trial.

Those are my thoughts as usual I invite yours.


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