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RB/Obama vs. Racists/Syria

Real Brother here. Play resumes.

I had a feeling from early on. I know this President has played out every possible scenario that could come about long before he ever stepped foot into the National political arena. That said, I couldn't put my finger on why the President would go to racists in the House and resentful supremacists in the Senate if he really indeed wanted to attack Syria.

So with confidence I'd go on the air every day since the Presidents "red line" comment saying I really don't know what the President has planned but rest assured what ever it is it'll be the right thing and Assad won't be gassing his people with chemical weapons.

"Obama is no different than Bush there's no way we should be starting another War with Sy...what? Obama's a wuss we should attack Syria immediately if not sooner!" ~RWNJ

The first mistake racists made was in thinking because the President traded a yes vote on the Libyan Resolution-- for not calling them on their lie that he didn't go to Congress before going into Libya--that the same lie would apply in Syria. Get 535 Yay votes then the Republicans run over to Fox News and claim Obama hadn't consulted them before the ink on their unanimous approval is dry.

At least Congress had a weekend and a Monday to lie about not voting to enter into military action in Libya and figured they'd have the same time frame to lie about action in Syria. But Obama never said the agreement in Libya was open ended and they can get away with lying about all military actions in perpetuity.

So on Friday as the most racist show in the history of television Meet The Press was booking John McCain, racist nut Chuck(I just wanted to mention that on this day in history white racists killed James Meredith trying to register blacks to vote, so that one day we could have a black President)Todd  and the usual suspects who'd attack the President to no end.

 "Who does he think he is going to war without consulting with Congress first." ~Racist

But a funny thing happened on the way to destroying the Nations most accomplished President. Secretary of State John Kerry called an impromptu press conference in which the first words out of his mouth were; "I spent last night on the phone talking to members of Congress..."  That statement was followed by, "I spent the earlier part of today talking further with members of Congress."

That THUD you heard was the booking agents on Meet The Press as their jaws hit the floor. ~RB

The Associated Press simply edited out Kerry's spoke with Congress comments, figuring we probably didn't hear him say that(what spoke to Congress comments?). That attempt was thwarted when the very next day Republican members of Congress were invited to the White House for more consultation in regards to Syria.

Senators McCain & Lindsey Graham going into the meeting were skeptical because President Obama's black and therefore doesn't have a plan nor a goal and Benghazi(I know but they tell em to slip in Benghazi even if it doesn't have a damn thing to do with the discussion). Yet to my surprise after the meeting McCain was certain that his very presence in the room gave President Obama a plan, a goal and his skin even seemed lighter then he does on the dart board in the Congressional break room.

Oh course good ol' boy Graham was not convinced and took issue with McCain's claim that the President looks lighter in person.

"So fast forward a week and Syria continues to deny they have any chemical weapons nor have they used any but just to make President Obama happy they will turn over their chemical weapons and stop using them.  ~RB

The picture of Obama with his foot on Putin's neck...I mean on the Oval Office desk came to mind but to the right wing spin machine certainly a non military solution was a victory for Putin and Assad and a terrible failure for President Obama. Frontline Host Gwen Ifil --has me blocked on Twitter--(@gwenifill ) stuck to the right wing talking points in a piece she wrote called, Slippery Slopes and Other Risky Things which was a poor Mr. Obama the bullies won't let him govern rant, you can view it here:  http://www.pbs.org/weta/washingtonweek/blog/gwen%E2%80%99s-take-slippery-slopes-and-other-risky-things

" Liberal Democrats and conservative Republicans – propelled by the American public’s documented war fatigue -- banded together to force the White House to pursue a nonmilitary option." ~Gwen Ifil

Certainly the aircraft carriers and Cruise missiles off the horizon--not to mention foot on neck therapy-- had nothing to do with the abrupt turn from, what chemical weapons?, to OK you got me. But I'm sure their thinking is if everyone sticks to the lie then we can sell it. Yea that's what they thought with the Romney's ahead in the Polls lie.

I saw this coming when McCain during his press conference after the meeting at the White House said, "If we vote no on this action [in Syria] it will be a devastating defeat for this Country and this President." McCain's comments couldn't be more telegraphic as to which way the Congress had to vote; To stick it to this President ruin his Presidency and send blacks back to second class citizenship status the vote not only had to be no, but HELL TO THE NO!

So when Republican spinmeisters took to the airways to offer Obama never had the votes so he had to postpone or abandon the vote all together, they were in a rare occurrence, actually telling the truth. Yet lost on all was the fact that the President said since day one that he would attack Syria whether he got a thumbs up from Congress or not. And remember the lie that Congress never authorized the strike in Libya? That was working in the Presidents favor along with the Aircraft carriers & Cruise missiles. History will show that the threat of a strike was the only impetus for negotiations.

Disappointed at losing another battle with a President that they can't respect because of his race the Republicans and their ninety-eight percent Conservative owned media quickly moved on to the looming debt ceiling and budget fight. The right wing version of, "We'll get em' next time".

"Things remain slippery. Lawmakers, who were so relieved that any war vote would now be delayed as Kerry pursues the diplomatic track, immediately turned back to their own wars. Defunding Obamacare. Avoiding a government shutdown. Debating the debt limit." ~Gwen Ifil

Hate to break it to ya' but no. Obamacare will never be defunded because the law is self-financing from the
thirty million people who are mandated to buy insurance. The government shutdown doesn't happen because the Sequester is law.  It provides $1.2 trillion in spending and remains in place until Congress replaces it with the Presidents fiscal budget which calls for $1.3 trillion in spending.

As for not raising the Debt Ceiling its possible but highly unlikely seeing that the Obama administration is openly educating the public that the Debt Ceiling allows for a debt payment to be made on former President Bush's debt which could reveal that the Nations debt is down below five trillion dollars. I don't think the Republicans want people to know that President Obama has paid over ten trillion dollars off of Bush's twelve point three trillion in debt.

Now its not like we're keeping score or anything but if we were it would be like 500 to 0 Obama. I know that the right wing has poured millions of dollars into purchasing the media and on misinformation and obstruction but at the end of the day lying, making up fake scandals, voting fifty times to repeal Obamacare and calling for a hundred racist nuts like Jesse Helms to come to Congress is not exactly the formula for success.

So as you roll your eyes as they swear Obama's weak, he's failed and they can't stand him cause he's black, keep in mind he's played each and every scenario in his incredible black mind out dozens of times. Nothing and I mean nothing that racists will throw at him will surprise or shake him. We are witnessing the end of the right wing hate based Conservative movement in this Country. As they fall off I wish them Godspeed and hope he has mercy on their souls. Those are my thoughts, as usual I invite yours. 


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