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I was elated. Finally someone white said what I and other blacks-- not beholden to the ninety-eight percent Conservative owned media-- were saying for the past six years. Racists oppose, disagree with, don't like, want to shoot up the Batman Movie, Obama Rally at the Tucson Safeway, Sandy Hook, Navy Yard, blow up the Boston Marathon because they are protesting the race of President Barack Obama.

Finally, a white person who can't be accused of being delusional or a race baiter or a hustler playing the race card said not only what blacks have been thinking but what we've known to be true from day one; the Tea Party is simply a fancy new moniker of the Ku Klux Klan. Whew!

The sound you hear are people of color all over the world breathing a sigh of relief because now even whites know the real reason racists oppose America's most accomplished President. But wait, what's this... hold em' up not so fast? What? We're black and that means we're dumb and haven't noticed four-hundred and fifty years of Slavery, Oppression, Discrimination and racism based not on partisan politics or a "glitch" in the Affordable Care Act website but based on the race of six generations of Slaves who were sold and owned as chattel by the very ancestors of the Tea Party? Damn.

Indicative of the ignorance on the right Joe Concha( ) wrote a lame both sides are to blame blog titled Stand Up America and fight anyone who would dare speak of the racist elephant in the room, you can read his piece here: http://www.mediaite.com/online/stand-up-america-racism-for-ratings-a-cottage-industry-that-needs-to-be-stopped/ 

Concha argues that telling the truth about the racist hatred for this President by the Tea Party amounts to "Race Baiting".  He dares anyone to show that four-hundred and fifty years of racism is any proof at all that racists hate Obama because he's black? What do we think this is, reality? No, just because the Confederate flags, Swastika's, hanging effigy's and cries about "a bunch a lazy blacks"  were used by the Klan doesn't make the new improved version anything like the old one.


"It’s time to take the country back–because this is getting seriously old already–and tell anyone who engages in this ridiculous conversation to offer an ounce of proof that that Ku Klux Klan is a huge influence in the Tea Party movement. Double-dare them. And when they can’t, simply tell them to shut the hell up." ~Joe Concha

Is he kidding? I've seen this play so many times I can run it better then they can; Demand PROOF that the Tea Party is like the KKK and then when you offer the 450 years of racist tyranny that was letter for letter the same "take our country back" nonsense used by the Klan, they say; That was 450 years ago get over it. We haven't lynched anyone black since Kendrick Johnson and that was months ago. 

And to PROVE that the racism of the Tea Party is nothing like that of its predecessor they have as Exhibit "A" Roland S. Martin (has me blocked on Twitter ) who was recently let go from CNN after agreeing to never reveal the real reason why racists oppose President Obama and that deception didn't result
in Romney winning the election so see ya' wouldn't wanna be ya'.

Martin who on his radio program offered; "When the other side does something racist I remain silent and when our side calls them on it I attack them to no end." Something to that effect. Roland Bruh, you ain't at CNN no more you can actually tell the truth its OK we ain't trippin'.

He then argued that the difference between the KKK and the Tea Party is the KKK didn't murder white people who helped register blacks to vote or who advanced Civil & Voting Rights, who FREED THE SLAVES by signing the Emancipation Proclamation. Roland Bruh, check your history were you at CNN or Fox?

Martin finished strong by offering that the KKK didn't accept mentally ill black members willing to shoot up the Navy Yard or run Obama over with their Infinity. The Klan didn't accept blacks willing to take payment for lying on and bashing Obama to no end on Conservative owned media or the Tavis and Dr. West Poverty Pimp Bus Tour. Goes without saying that his attempt at false equivalency failed miserably.

"Examples are everywhere, but rest assured that neither party has the upper (or in this, lower) hand here."~Joe Concha

Say it ain't so Joe? You really think we're that stupid to believe that both sides are killing people because the President is black? Are you nuts? There is but one reason racists want us to ignore the obvious comparison between the KKK and the Tea Party and that's so they can complete their mission to frustrate the American people to the point to where they allow racists to "take back their Country" so they can destroy it and blame it on Obama but of course it wasn't because of his race it was because he was a failure.., he failed to stop them from destroying the Country and blaming it on him.

Its so easy for us while taking advantage of right wing delusion and ignorance to conclude that they can't possibly believe that we don't know why they hate this President. New York Times Columnist David Brooks had the most stunning but telling comment I've heard and it was on MSNBC.

"This President doesn't get it, he doesn't understand why we don't like him." ~David Brooks

And this kinda' stupidity is not exclusive to whites on the right.  Markos Moulitsas ZĂșniga founder of the left wing site Daily Kos offered this in a recent Tweet: "Finally Obama realized that Republicans hate his guts."

Dude, Obama wouldn't be President today if he didn't know why racists hate his guts. But when you have to run for re-election and whites are as dumb as dirt and will only support you if they think they're smarter than you and the myth of white genetic superiority is safe, you ACT as if you have no idea why the nuts with the Confederate flags stuffed monkey's draped in Obama banners, hang nooses and armed Nazi Nuts at your rallies and why your Campaign Headquarters have their windows shot out.

"I said from day one if we don't let these racists know that we aren't that stupid we know why they hate this President they will continue to operate as if they're fooling us." ~Real Brother

There is only one reason white racists oppose this President and that's because he's black. Its the only reason that they can't and won't defend. We do this Nation a disservice by giving them a pass because they can't defend racism and throw a fit when called on it.  In Concha's piece he implores fellow racists to DEMAND we PROVE they hate people based on race, but does he offer an alternative? What, you want us to tell you why we hate President Obama as if you don't know? No, we don't know so just for fun why don't you tell us... "Well he's a Muslim Socialist, Marxist, Communist, Fascist, Dictator, Devil born in Kenya." 

That's what we thought.

Those are my thoughts as usual I invite yours.

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