Monday, October 7, 2013

RB v. Dr. Boyce Watkins, Rap Music Boycott

Real Brother here. Play resumes.

I have to get wit Dr. Boyce Watkins( ) who recently wrote an op-ed on the Your Black World Website in which he calls for a boycott of Clear Channel Media Entertainment which can be read here:  http://www.yourblackworld.net/2013/10/black-news/dr-boyce-clear-channel-should-be-confronted-for-promotion-of-toxic-music-in-black-communities/    

Dr. Watkins claims the racists(my impression of em') at Clear Channel are poisoning the minds of young black men with music that is making us watch Conservative Owned Media telling us to shoot up the Obama supporters at the Navy Yard or to run over Obama by driving right through the front door of the White House.

What? There's no rap music making mentally ill black people who've bought into the myth that whites are superior go out here and try to shoot up people who voted for Obama or to actually think they can get close enough to the President to run him over in the Infinity?

Well if rap music isn't making blacks go out and shoot up the Batman movie or blow up the Boston Marathon then what's all the fuss over? What? Oh you can't address racists bashing Obama all day 24/7 on the Rush Limbaugh radio show or on any of the other conservative racist shows Clear Channel produces like the white boys John & Ken(KFI 640) here in Los Angeles who were suspended when they called Whitney Houston a "Crack Whore" the day after she passed.

Whites are superior and if you directly address their racist owned media where reporters openly express that its "not their job" to report the truth or facts about the Affordable Care Act then it might affect your ability to eek out a living and we wouldn't want that, is that it Dr. Boykins? Got it. 

Its the height of lameness for blacks frustrated at the hatred that whites have for us and the snails pace at which blacks have achieved equality in this society to attack rappers. Rappers are young, they're black, they're menacing. Who doesn't hate them who wouldn't? Rappers are all Chris Brown...what? He's not a
rapper? Well he should be he's young and black.

Trying to blame the victims or punishing communities or organizations that don't hate their young men and reject the notion that other races are better than them is not the answer. We do the black community a disservice to single out the one area where blacks can make some money and attack it for the poverty and despair in the larger black community.

"I was disappointed that Jasiri thought that I was lumping him together with artists like Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz, for I clearly was not.  But I was glad he asked his question, since it gave me a chance to clarify.  I immediately responded to his comment by saying, “No brother, I was referring to that bullsh*t on the radio.”"  ~Dr. Boyce Watkins

I wrote and voiced a musical documentary on 2-Chainz who I admit I had no idea who he even was let alone whether or not there would be enough information of him online to make a ninety-minute documentary. Yet I learned that he started making mixed tapes and would give sample songs away for free on YouTube and I-Tunes.

In a relatively short time 2-Chainz was one of the top selling artists on I-Tunes with hundreds of thousands of SALES of his mixed tapes of original music. 2-Chainz is a millionaire and trust if his music is now being played on the radio it can't be that offensive. I recently saw him on MSNBC and on the Arsenio Hall Show.

For whatever Dr. Boykins may think of the most successful rappers the message is not one of get high and self-destruct. Its not go out to the mall in Kenya and shoot up the Infidel's either. No its poverty and hopelessness that create violence and anti-social behavior in urban communities. The last thing we want to do is confuse a desire to use ones race and culture to come up with the racist hatred that whites have for anything and all things young and black.

I promise you if a young Barack Obama cut his afro, pulled his bell bottoms up got educated and became President of the United States there'd still be plenty of white racists who would find something about his race to use as an excuse to shutdown the Government to voice their displeasure with him. No we need to stop scapegoating young blacks for doing what Justin Beiber or Gangum Style from Korea would do if given the chance.

I'd love to live in a world where blacks owned and operated everything and we could exploit our culture from Grand Theft Auto to the music that's played on the radio. We don't live in that world, we never will. We can however not look at how others view us as the only measure of our self worth or as our source of income. 

Blacks have to stop thinking that our only motivation for doing something is to hurt other blacks or ourselves. We mustn't live our lives hoping for the approval of whites who hate us just because. We are not a degenerate inferior people but that's exactly what society thinks of us and they will continue to think of us in this way not until we all become white but until we stop thinking of ourselves in this way.

Played all the way out rap music will evolve and be seen for what it is; entertainment and not just something blacks we hate, who make us feel uncomfortable do to embarrass us. Its not about who we are and how we're perceived by racists-- who'll hate us regardless-- its about the ability, the right to exploit our own black culture and not allow that to define us. Its possible its gonna happen whether you like it or not.

Finally, a boycott of urban formatted radio stations won't force Clear Channel to play Harry Belefonte on an endless loop. They aren't going to commission positive black music(whatever the hell that is, hell if it sells its positive if it don't its garbage). No all a boycott does is let the white boys know you Needtogrows are too much trouble to even be bothered with so let's turn it into a sports station and talk about how we can get more white players in the NBA.

No stop talking down to these rappers and talk to them for a change. If we boycott anything let's boycott scapegoating rappers or the radio stations that give them voice. 

Those are my thoughts, as usual I invite yours.


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