Thursday, November 7, 2013


Real Brother here. Play Resumes

This is a difficult, uncomfortable but necessary plea I make in an effort to maintain my independence but still expand the Real Brother Radio Show Nationally. I'm raising funds to buy a Broadcast Codec Unit like the  one above.
I'm barely more technically literate than you are but what the machine will allow me to do is broadcast my show on Satellite, Tune In and up to 60 Urban and Progressive terrestrial radio stations. The codec will also get my phone game right so that you can call in and share your thoughts and who knows, maybe one day a real interview with President Obama.

I'm currently talking to a couple of Brothers programming Black Talk Radio programs. What I notice is-- and its natural--they see my show as having value only as an extension of their ideas and agenda which I wouldn't have a problem with if those idea's and agendas match with the truth--which is what I'm about. No question about it, if the offer was right I'd accept it, yet if I'm giving power to people who will use that power to keep me off the air then that's not on them that's on me.

We all talk a good independent game and bag on the ninety-eight percent Conservative owned Obama bashing media but are we really willing to go out there without big time corporate support or sponsorship? If Progressives or Real Brothers and Sista's aren't willing to support what we claim to be our beliefs financially can we really get mad if idiots dominate the airways?

The ratings and revenues for the Conservative dominated media have never been LOWER. They thought we were all stupid and would believe their nonsense of how the Country's going in the wrong direction because its moving forward and not backwards to the Jim Crow South. They now are sliding into if they can't control it they'll blow up the model and nobody will have a voice.

I have never sought to censor or silence descendent voices even when those voices were convinced that we are all Communists or Socialists cursed from hell and as such have no right to exist. We often dismiss these claims and the groups or individuals who make them but that's a huge mistake. These people are willing to kill for their beliefs no matter how racist and stupid we think they are.

The Real Brother Radio Show™  is not about censorship based on ideology its about reasoned logical arguments based on facts and truth. We embrace all points of view but we also respect the best interests of our society. We respect the outcomes of the debate we don't negate victories because the losing side is of the dominant race or has more money or thinks their side is closer to God.

I'm asking everyone who believes in Democracy in Free Speech in open and honest debate to put your money where your mouth is. It could be $1,000 or $5. The unit above-- used-- costs about $1,000 it is what it is.  All that I can offer you in return is a shout out on the show and the satisfaction of knowing that your voice was and will continue to be heard.

I also ask that you please pass this funding request on to others. Let's make this happen there is no shame in doing what we know in our hearts is right.

God Bless,



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