Sunday, November 24, 2013


Real Brother here.  Play Resumes.  Dear Black Race:

While no African-American individual has more wealth then Oprah Winfrey, collectively within' ten years African American buying power will be over a TRILLION DOLLARS. Yes collectively Blacks have ten times the wealth of Oprah. Does that mean Blacks will collectively support The Real Brother Radio Show or Warren Ballentine's Invest In Us? Probably not.

And probably not because Blacks wouldn't be opposed to a media that's not owned by those who are opposed to our interests as Blacks but more out of a belief that pooling even a little bit of that TRILLION DOLLARS won't benefit "us" as Blacks.  

What we in the Black Press are failing to do is make the case for WHY or HOW we will collectively achieve our American Dream when that dream will always be seen as something exclusively for Whites. Not JUST that the dream is only for Whites but that Whites will be upset and come down hard on Blacks who would even dare try to steal THEIR American Dream.                                                        

By not addressing this we allow our collective to believe that we don't get it. That we don't realize the consequences of Blacks trying to co-opt the White American Dream. I don't know about Warren but I for sure get it- which is why I can write about it. I detest the collective hatred Blacks in the media have for Black Culture and impeticular young Black men.

Collectively that Trillion Dollars isn't going to come only from Blacks who use to work @CNN or from Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope or from the Black women who subscribe to Essence Magazine. No if we are to make the TRILLION DOLLARS work for us then it has to include the ENTIRE SPECTRUM of Blacks not just Blacks approved by Whites.

Our collective wealth depends on the entire spectrum of Black Culture from President Obama to Lil Wayne. I know I just lost so many by even mentioning Lil Wayne but if we are to again put all of our TRILLION DOLLARS to work it can't be just Oprah or Just Reverend Al Sharpton it has to be EVERYONE. It costs us NOTHING to understand that and would give us a Trillion Dollars in buying power if we did.

The notion of "collective wealth" or "generational wealth" as it relates the the Black community is indeed achievable but not if we are asking Whites to grant and or approve of that wealth. If the situation were reversed and Blacks were being asked by Whites is it OK if they pool a Trillion Dollars and insure that they as Whites have the American Dream would we say; "Sure, go head, knock yourselves out." Did Asians ask Whites or Blacks was it OK if they create generational wealth?

So no, we can do it but we'll never do it by begging Whites for their blessing. Its not an affront to Whites or Asians you really think they want to carry us, provide all the goods and services we consume? You really think Whites and Asians want the burden of allowing us to make them rich? OK, maybe they don't mind us making them rich but still.

The problem of pooling the collective wealth of Blacks so that it can work for Blacks is not easy, if it was someone would have done it long before I came along.

My aim is to simply explain HOW and WHY we must pool our Trillion Dollars together, to let all of you know I understand what your concerns are. While I don't fear what or how Whites will react-- as I expect many won't be all too keen on the idea--the benefits far outweigh the negatives but yes I fully understand Black reluctance to butt heads with Whites who fear Blacks pooling our wealth together far more than we do.

That said, I make this plea again to finance the outlets, the media that will allow us to simply PUT OUT THE MESSAGE. I'm not promising to give anyone a monetary return but if I have an audience with Oprah or Magic I'm not asking them for $10, I'm asking them for the INFORMATION of how they became Billionaires and isn't that more valuable than the ten dollars? Those are my thoughts as usual I invite yours.

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Thank you,


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