Saturday, November 9, 2013

RB v. The Death of Twitter

Real Brother here. Play Resumes. This one is about the recent IPO of Twitter which I was hopeful about at first because racists view these sites as evil-- they allow descendent points of view. When your argument is; the world was a better place when blacks were at the back of the bus, segregated and red-lined into perpetual poverty the chances of you fairly winning the debate are negligible.

So racists have adopted the mantel of; If you can't beat em' buy em' out which is exactly what they've been doing. We saw it with Blackvoices, purchased first by the racists at Tribune Entertainment owned by the Wrigley family then later by racists at AOL Time Warner who did the same thing with CNN when they saw the damage they were doing to the myth of white supremacy.

We later saw the demise of BET.com when Viacom bought the BET Network shutting down the website all together only to revive it without any message boards for two way feedback and dialog. Blacks moved our voices to the Huffington Post which I loved to death until one of the white administrators posted an interview with Scientist Stephan Hawking in which he opined if Aliens were to come from outer space to earth they would certainly be white as only whites would have the sophistication and intelligence to make the many light-years trip it would take to get here.

Hawking's offered an alien invasion would be nothing nice and pointed to how whites treated inferiors like blacks and jews as an example of what the aliens would do to us inferior humans.

I cried absolute BULL-ISH! That the assumption superior aliens would hate people based on their race and as such would destroy the best chance to survive the light-years that it would take to get to earth is a flawed theory.

Would the Adolf Hitler's, Stalin's or Bull Conner's(Mitt Romney's, Ted Cruz's) of the Klingon Empire really survive to the point to where they could lead an expedition into the future? Did our Nazi's and Dixicrats survive? No if they didn't kill themselves off the more reasonable people who weren't of Aryan descent did.

I countered that no, if indeed a far off civilization were to survive the millions of years that it would take to develop the technology to get here then most likely those individual's would not have the scorch and burn dumbest most violent survive mentality of white people but more likely would have a personality more like Mahatma Gandhi or Barack Obama as opposed to Charles Manson, the Klu Klux Klan or the Tea Party.

Shortly after presenting what I thought was a competent, reasonable argument I was banned from the Huffington Post which later was sold to the racists at AOL who had banned me earlier from Blackvoices which they had previously bought.

What the white idiots who purchase these sites don't realize is the only reason we go on them is because we can exercise our right to tell the truth and express ourselves without censorship or fear of repercussions. The minute we can no longer speak freely, we have no use for the site.

About dot com, My Space, Black Planet etc. all sites that in an effort to monetize had to trade the First Amendment rights of blacks in order to please white racists who made censorship of blacks or progressive whites-- seen as sympathetic to blacks-- a condition of sale. Purge the site of the very people who made the site popular enough for the Marxist Monsters to want to buy it in the first place.

So when Facebook bucked the trend of out right selling their site to racists I was intrigued. A public offering allows the upstarts to make their millions and blacks don't have to be censored in the process. Yet what we are seeing with Twitters IPO is they are still catering to who they assume are the people who are underwriting their launch, the Tea Party nuts who simply don't want anyone speaking out against their Marxist hatred of this President and Democracy in general.

Kerry Washington had her account suspended and while she's on Network TV Selling the black race out every Thursday she did support President Obama so I can see how they'd target her. I saw similar suspensions for Oprah and other prominent blacks who support President Obama.

One racist remarked our free speech means we can censor blacks who we don't think should have free speech. I thought that was dumb but I took it to mean that free market capitalism means if they have the money they can decide who speaks and who doesn't which is totally antithetical to the spirit of both commerce and the First Amendment.

In conclusion, Twitter will go the way of the Huffington Post, Blackvoices & BET dot com in that if blacks aren't allowed to post freely on those sites then we won't patronize them. If we aren't on the site the racists won't be there either because they won't be able to bully, threaten us or badger us with their talking points and racist insults about blacks starting Slavery in Africa and how we're the racists for opposing white racism. To that I say R.I.P Twitter. Come on Oprah, Magic, somebody[black] we need you now more than ever.

Those are my thoughts, as usual I invite yours.


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