Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Real Brother Here. Play Resumes.

She says in her promo for her weekend show on MSNBC that her black father would end his birthday cards with the phrase; The Struggle Continues.

The struggle is with Part-time Sista's who agree to Sellout the Black race and culture in order to gain access to the media so they can push their Black man hating agenda to reverse the gender roles of Black men and women. Perry does this weekly on her show the cable network hides away on weekends hopefully before anyone wakes up.

This belief that emasculating Black men will make life better for Black women is absurd. If racists would encourage Black women to stab Black men in the back what would make you think they wouldn't target Black women when Black men are no longer standing in the way?

My jaw dropped when Perry on a past show said, "I don't hate[Black] men, I hate the patriarchy." As if there's a difference. No, if you hate our inherent maleness then you hate Black men. Are we to believe that the racists in the Tea Party hate the patriarchy or do they hate the President because he's Black?

A recent caller to The Real Brother Radio Show put it best when he argued that Black women aren't accepted by White feminists because for the most part they don't hate White men even to the extent that they can't stand President Obama. Hiding their hatred of Black men under the lie they hate patriarchy is simply so much smoke. 

Noted Black man hater Zerlina Maxwell, wrote a scathing hit piece on R. Kelly in the Grio last week which led Managing Editor, Joy Ann Reid to compare Kelly first to Apartheid, then the Interpreter at Nelson Mendela's Memorial and latter with George Zimmerman(Ted Bundy and Jack the Ripper). When called on her nonsense she accused me and anyone else who wants punishment to fit the crime as supporting the abuse of Black women.

What White person, be it at the NBC Network which owns the Grio site or at MSNBC-- where Maxwell, and Harris-Perry were recruited specifically for their hatred of Black men--is going to object to these modern day Jezebel's who at the end of the day are carrying water for the cause of White supremacy?

The problem with the agenda of Black man hating Black women is any damage done to Black men inadvertently reflects negatively on Black women as well. To convince yourself otherwise is to be no less delusional than these racists who think we believe they hate the President cause he's a Muslim, Socialist born in Kenya.

"Good luck convincing racists and White Supremacists that the problems of Black men are not directly related to the Black women who are raising 90% of Black boys. " ~RB

Finally, Melissa's been on a years long kick of claiming race & gender are social constructs and have no basis in biology. This is the most dangerous and absurd line of bull that has ever come down the pike. Men staying home having & breast feeding babies and baking cookies? Blacks enslaving and oppressing Whites for 450 years based on a belief that the White race is genetically inferior? Please.

The solution is not to help racists destroy the Black Race through the elimination or feminization of Black men but to stop hating Black men altogether allowing for a united front that Whites are forced to respect. President Obama didn't win his electoral victories allowing Racists to manipulate him through Michelle, she stood not just at his side but in front and behind him as well.

Those are my thoughts, as usual I invite yours. 


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