Saturday, February 15, 2014


While dumb right wing racists and Whites are superior Black idiots-- convinced we will never get any justice type Need2Grows will find a way to diminish it, we did get a four out of five count conviction on the Racist Monster Michael Dunn. Granted the murder charge was not proven with a hung jury on that count--which does mean even a racist jury found Dunn's story shaky at best--but still.

Make no bones about it, this wasn't about the Stand Your Ground Laws or the racism of the Florida Courts or even--forgive me--justice for Jordan Davis. This trial was about whether racists can declare all out war on Blacks and not have to worry about any repercussions or consequence.

As Blacks we were all upset and while relieved that the Monster will go to prison for the rest of his life our fear about the mistrial on the First-Degree Murder charge stung. It was some ol' George Zimmerman, "It was God's Plan" type nonsense.

What we have to realize is while killing Black kids for no good reason is deplorable to us, to White people its simply another entitlement i.e. Freedom that comes with being born White. For as deplorable as White Supremacy is the attempts of Whites to hold onto the privilege to gun down innocent Black teens is something that's hard for them to give up.

I won't lie, I fully expected the White jury to come back with an acquittal and I wasn't alone, you thought the same thing too. Its ironic because while the vast majority of Whites would never kill a Black teenager because the Presidents Black, the notion that they could if they wanted to is attractive to all Whites and a privilege they don't want to easily give up. 

Now we need to look to the future and that is to get Reverend Al Sharpton to promise(on a stack of Bibles) that he will never again push to have a racist hate crime trial in Florida or any other; Kill em' cause they're Black claim your life was in danger State. We want no protests, no marches, no rallies, or petitions until the laws in these States are changed.

We have the Renisha McBride trial coming up in racist Michigan where they just bankrupted Detroit and are itching to join Florida in letting the murderer of a Black teen off. We'll possibly have a Kendrick Johnson trial and the Brother Alfred Wright who was murdered with racists claiming it was a drug overdose after they cut his throat and ear off could go to trial in Texas another racist red State.

We must move to have those trials prosecuted as Federal Hate Crimes under the James Byrd, Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes laws. The lie that one has to be proven to be a racist or to have used a racial slur or epitaph is false. I read the law in fact you can read it here: http://www.justice.gov/crt/about/crm/matthewshepard.php

There is no burden to prove someone's a racist only that they killed someone by profiling them due to their race, sexual orientation, religion etc. 

The Federal Hate Crime Law allows for conviction based on stereotyping and even in at least two cases where Sikh's were confused as Muslims.

No longer allowing the prosecution of Hate Crimes in States with racist discriminatory Stand Your Ground laws will serve two purposes; 1)It will force these States to rethink these laws and 2) It will send the message to racists thinking of doing a Zimmerman that they will be tried not in their own backyard but in a Federal Court and race will be allowed into the trial.

Let's enjoy this victory for humanity that we won today and get up tomorrow and work on getting these trials held in the Federal Courts so we can end this senseless killing of innocent Black teens. 

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