Tuesday, February 25, 2014


As I enter into my second full year of being banned from Twitter it pains me to write this but I'm willing to concede to what Daily Kos Founder, Markos Moulitsas ZĂșniga who was banned from MSNBC after he got the best of Conservative, Morning Joe Host, Joe Scarborough. Markos commented at the time that Conservatives have won the war for Twitter and he would be hence forth cutting back on his use of the site.

Conservatives(ie. racists) own ninety-eight percent of all media and have in this Country for a very long time. Yet the agenda of conservatives--to destroy the Country because the Presidents black--is relatively new making their ownership of all media more urgent and their desire to silence those who oppose their Marxism acute.

The reason those of us in the two percent who don't have a voice let alone access to the seventy-five million users on Twitter post there is because its one of only two social platforms that we can actually find and express the truth. That the forum allows the opportunity to express opinions and arguments that easily expose the folly of conservatism is why we come, but its also why racists don't want us there.

My personal story is one of two conservative white(racist as hell) lawyers; Robert Meliniki(@Rem63489) and Todd J. Kincannon(@Todd__Kincannon).  

Convinced that because they were white, superior and conservative, they'd be able to bully and squash all us dumb libs, of course that notion was turned on its head upon encountering me.

After hitting me with all the 1980 crime stats and the lies about Dr. King being a Republican, blacks starting slavery and slavery's still going on in Africa today, Margret Sanger, Dems started the KKK, zero Democratic votes for Civil Rights to Abe Lincoln was a Republican who freed the Slaves. 

They found I was still standing strong on their stupidity and the simple logic that they hate America's most accomplished President because he's black.

So the lies and talking points failing the racist lawyers used their access to court data and records to sift through my personal life and past to find other racist lawyers who had been destroyed by me who found a fifteen year old paternity suit that I had paid and a phony indictment that an unnamed attorney created in my name accusing me of dealing drugs.

This information complete with my full name and address was plastered all over Twitter with a bounty of first $10,000 then $25,000 for anyone who had information that would either get me arrested, imprisoned or murdered. The Kincannon Nut offered to rape my wife and underage daughter while I was in prison. The other nut made sure my teen daughters name was posted so she could be terrorized as well.

I filed complaints on both at their respective bars and of course contacted Twitter who basically laughed at me for being born black. Still not shaken I continued to destroy any salient argument that they may have made which simply incensed them even more.

They stepped up their threats to include kidnapping and murdering me without any legitimate charges. The
Mielnicki Monster hatched a plan to get me off Twitter for good. He touted his plan hours before I was banned. I don't fully know the details but he hinted that I had called his wife Renee a "whore"-- which I never did-- and that I threatened his five year old son(who'd been five for ten years) which I never did. I read him saying I deleted the incriminating posts. 

The racist nut Todd Kincannon was briefly suspended for threatening my life and his wife(I know, who marries a monster like that but some nut did) posted screen shots of me telling them what I'd do to anyone who showed up at my home to collect their bounty, I haven't been allowed back on the site since. 

One blog site that tracks Twitter said that 700,000 Obama supporters were suspended when the company went public as a condition of their IPO funding(by racists). The two idiot lawyers will deny everything in this blog and threaten to sue me for libel but to successfully sue for libel you have to prove two things; 1)The information is not true and the writer knows it. 2)The information is told with "MALICE" meaning it was told, thus causing irreparable harm to the racists threatening to kill people and rape their underage daughters. 

I hope with this article I'm able to shed some light on how racists are floundering by buying up all the media thinking this will get people to hate the President because he's black and how silly and futile it is. 

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