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The Nielson ratings came back for the Presidents 5th State Of The Union Address. On its face the numbers don't look good. Only thirty-three million people are reported to have watched the speech. Can we believe the numbers? Yes we must, but that doesn't mean we can't use commonsense and know that racists will use the ratings as they do their biased polls where they call up a list of three-hundred hard core right wingers who didn't vote for Obama and ask whether or not they approve of the job he's doing.

So yes the paltry thirty-three million viewers make it the lowest watched SOTU of the last fourteen years. I predicted this, it was evidenced by the tone and demeanor of racists on NBC during the lead up to the speech. Chuck Todd, the racist nut promoted as the Chief Political Correspondent for NBC News was so mad he couldn't hide his disgust that this President--with his black ass-- was giving his 5th SOTU.

"This President has a 47% approval... this is his last chance to save his Presidency he's in danger of losing the Senate if he can't turn things around with this speech then he becomes a lame duck..."

~Chuck Todd

I called it on my Monday show before the speech that racists were highly upset and shocked that President Obama was still standing let alone poised to deliver his 5th SOTU address. Indeed one commentator couldn't even tell us what number address this was wrongly thinking there wasn't one in 2009 because that was Obama's first year in office.

That the commentators before the speech were somber, almost weeping with disgust at the very idea that this
President is still around in year number NINE since he first announced he was running for President in January of 2006 speaks to the defiance that would be met out by disgruntled Whites who wouldn't even watch the speech.

On Facebook many racists expressed their thoughts on how they wouldn't be watching because their fragile egos couldn't stand to hear the truth.  Truth simply doesn't square with their Fox News narrative that this President is the worst, he's weak he's a tyrant not a competent leader a dictator a Muslim a Christian Black Theologian, he's a Socialist he's owned by the Capitalists & Wall Street a Food Stamp President, he's Black, he's Half-Black he's Half-White etc.

The self-defeating pall over the Republican Party and their ninety-eight percent Conservative owned media is evident after the smugness of asserting their ownership of all media and vowing to make Obama a "One Term President". What's so surprising to me is why can't they see they were wrong? Did we not tell them they were wrong? Oh that's right we're "Libs".

Another reason viewership was at an all time low is the inherent racism of who has Nielson rating Set Top Boxes on their TV's.  I remember in Journalism School at the University of Washington they had us do a report on Nielson ratings and how they're tabulated. We can't be mad at white people for using the power to decide what gets on TV and what doesn't to make sure their agenda of white supremacy and black genetic inferiority gets top billing.

The fact that ninety-six percent of blacks voted for President Obama and there are forty million blacks in this Country along with thirty million non-Anglo Hispanics speaks to how lame the Nielson system of calculating ratings is. Also not lost on me is the fact that while Fox News wins the ratings war each and every year the most people that have ever watched Fox in a given day is two million.

In conclusion, what we who support this President must understand is the more success he has the more racists who hate him cause he's black will be turned off. We can't allow their disgust with his success to deter us from supporting him. This Country has a long history of racism and white supremacy and they've never been successful. This time will be no different.

Those are my thoughts as usual I invite yours.

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