Sunday, February 16, 2014


Mr. Obama I know you're busy its Martin.  I see Black Idiots are talking about a Boycott of Florida, its not the right strategy its not 1963.  Me and Malcolm are mad as hell that you Idiots are talking about boycotting so you can vote and have Civil Rights which is what we fought for and won. No, we got the Federal Hate Crime Laws that you signed Mr. President we simply aren't using them.

So tell those Black Need2Grows that your job is not to retrace my steps its to move forward to issues of income inequality and a path for poor people to get into the middle class. Please get on that right away.

Oh, and tell my kids I'll reach down from heaven and slap the taste out their mouth if they sell my stuff or try to protect a Legacy that I didn't give two flying flips about. Protect my legacy by insuring Social Justice and Civil Rights remain in place for all Black people.

Oh, and to the young Brothers and Sista's that will have to take up my fight when you old heads are gone if they relate better to me on the cover of a Twerk flyer or looking out the window like Malcolm then I'm all for it. Each generation will celebrate me differently, its all good.

Keep up the Good Fight and stop thinking of your Black Race and Culture as inferior.

Dr. King


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