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black agenda

TV-ONE Talk Show Host Roland Martin spent the last two days on his show and another 5,000 Facebook posts blasting those of us in the Black community who refused to attack President Obama for being Black and not stepping aside and letting the Hillary supporters run the Country.

It appears for the last five years Hilliary's faithful have been holding onto the Black Agenda which was a set of policy initiatives that were to be presented to her and John Edwards when they became President and Vice President respectively in 2008. 

Finally, after five years of denial and giving up on a Clinton, Edwards ticket-- He decided to spend more time with his two families and she kinda' LOST in the primaries to some Black guy--it was time to bite the bullet and deliver the five point agenda to the President.

So, this week a reported sixty Civil Rights leaders and other Bitter
Betty's upset that Obama was right and they were wrong put on their Sunday bests and rolled up on the White House to give the President the proposal and act like they haven't been chasing their tails for five straight years. 

You can view the plan in its entirety here: http://www.nul.org/21st-century-agenda-for-jobs-and-freedom 

After the 4,999th Facebook post I wondered out loud how many more Roland Martin posts we'd have to endure before somebody produced this so called Black Agenda that President Obama was too stupid to be aware of? 

Once the former CNN Commentator--who claims he was fired for breaking his contractual promise to never reveal why racists really hate President Obama[Spoiler Alert:  because he's Black]--at long last posted a link to the report it became obvious why he was so reluctant to offer any details into what the hell was in it. 

roland-martin-2012-ww-tvone-wideIt turned out to be a regurgitation of Obama's second term policies which is curious because how could Black Idiots who thought Hillary was gonna win, map out policies that would only be initiated after Idiots who thought Romney would win, lost?

The first item on the agenda; 1)Achieve Economic Parity for African-Americans or ie address the issue of Income Inequality ripped directly from the Presidents recent State of The Union Address. We're supposed to believe that they came up with that five years ago when they were turning their backs on a then Senator Obama?

The President signed an Executive Order last week to raise the minimum wage of Federal Contractors to $10.10 cents. The Gap followed suit and Wall-Mart(as racist as they are) is considering a similar move. 

Next on the agenda; 2)Promote Equity in Educational Opportunity. Are they kidding? That's a blast from last years SOTU address when the President called for free Kindergarten for every student in America. 

Obama has been talking about how he and Michelle only paid off their student loans after they became millionaires, subsequently signing legislation that first cut the banks and their 15% profit out of the Student Loan Business and then signed an expansion of the Pell Grant that would henceforth cover the full costs of books, tuition, room and board for the entire four years of a students education.

The extended Pell Grants were specifically targeted for historically Black colleges and universities. How do I know that? Well people who send their kids to expensive private and Ivy League universities are not using Pell Grants they tend to either pay cash or put it on their parents American Express Black card. 

3)Protect and Defend Voting Rights. Again another joke. 

No Attorney General since Robert F. Kennedy-- who predicted in 1968 that by 2008 America would have its first Negro President(we were Negroes back then)-- has brought more legislation aimed at protecting voting rights.

Of the nine States that were covered under Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act, Texas was the first one to enact restrictive voter ID Laws. Holder sued Texas and is currently reviewing lawsuits against Ohio, Florida and Georgia pending implementation of voter ID laws in those States.
obama-signs-bill14)Promote a Healthier Nation by Eliminating Healthcare Disparities. If the previous three initiatives were a joke, then this one's the Kings of Comedy Tour. The official name is; The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act more commonly referred to as Obamacare which differs from Hillarycare-- which these same Black Idiots still support --by saving $2 Trillion Dollars more off the Nations Debt(CBO). 

Last but not least 5)Achieve Comprehensive Criminal Justice System Reform

The President signed legislation reducing the sentencing disparities for cocaine and marijuana possession. The President has called for DNA Testing for all violent offenses and for every inmate on Death Row.

The AG has recently called for the end to the Felony voter ban which disproportionally affects Brothers. I know what they're gonna say;

"Well he can do more..."  ~Black Idiot
No he can't, especially with you Idiots simply taking his policies and reciting them back to him demanding he do what he's already doing. This is so wrong and so lame that anyone who put their name to this nonsense should be ashamed of themselves.

Instead of being bitter, jealous and angry at the success of the Nations most productive President and the failure of so called Black leaders, they should be praising Obama for picking up the ball and running with it. Had Rev. Al Sharpton taken my call I would have asked him if he had any Bibles in the studio? 

I wanted Rev. to take ten of those Bibles, stack them on top of one another and swear that he will never pull a stunt like this ever again.

Those are my thoughts as usual I invite yours.

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