Saturday, March 1, 2014


Black Idiot(100% Sellout) Charles M. Blow is WRONG again. His latest hit piece on Blacks to please his Racist bosses at the N.Y. Times centers on President Obama's Brothers Keeper initiative.

The problem that so many Bousgie Black Need2Grows site is that Whites are Superior and their oppression of young Black males is SYSTEMIC and therefore any efforts to get these young Brothers to reject the MYTH that Whites are superior and nobody Black stands a chance against these White Gods, are futile and amount to so much pissing in the wind. 

What these Idiots fail to realize is people like President Obama, Jay-Z and Rick Ross and them are multimillionaires who these Black boys definitely identify with. The fact that they had fathers that their mothers killed off or left their White babies momma's for their Black families back in Kenya only helps their identification with these young Brothers.

While I understand how Racists would fear America's most successful African-American male of the 21st Century and his success as EMPOWERING to a group of Black boys that they have decided are better off shot dead coming out the 7/11 or in that gas station parking lot cause their music's too loud, I think the move to highlight the value and worth of these future Obama's, Jay-Z's and yes Rick Ross's is a far more noble endeavor then killing them.

Whether my cynical view that Black Idiots like Blow and others who are quick to appease Racists that this effort like so many other half-hearted attempts to turn Black boys White-- and thus more acceptable to Racists-- too will fail or if their caution is from a general belief that Whites are superior and anything Blacks might do to empower these boys is doomed from the jump, the reality is validating the existence of Black boys by using successful former Black boys is a valid strategy.

In conclusion, we cannot let White fear, caution or Bill O'Reilly style hate prevent this effort by President Obama to be used as another chance to take him down a peg or put him in his place. The bigger picture is, more future Obama's will be better for all of society even White society and therefore should be our focus.

Those are my thoughts as usual I invite yours. 

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