Sunday, March 2, 2014


I last week addressed the Black idiots Jelani Cobb, Imani Perry and NY Times Columnist Charles M. Blow and how they scrambled to defend the MYTH of White Supremacy for their MSM masters who are on pins and needles that Obama's Brothers Keeper initiative will elevate the scum of the earth-- in the minds of society-- the most hated life form on the planet; young Black boys. 

Well since that column we've had Part-time Brother Toure' of the Talented Tenth weigh in as well as "Fox News, please hire me, I'll be a good slave" Don Lemon who dubbed Obama, "Finally...the Black President."  

Also checking in; Stop and Frisk maven and multi-billionaire
Michael Bloomberg as well as "We need to find a new politician Obama's not the guy" George Soros. 

All collectively praising the President in all of his naivete' and for all his too little too lateness before proceeding to offer that Whites are superior and their racism and superiority is systemic and therefore beyond the control of Blacks to erode.

I can't even front I bought it, Black Need2grows saying that Obama's message of personal responsibility was simply pandering to White supremacy and so much blaming the victims of racism as opposed to the real problem, institutionalized racism. 

Wrongly, I was willing to accept that at face value. Now that I see how quick they are to throw shade on the Presidents latest efforts those systemic arguments ring hollow as lame attempts to usurp any influence that the first Black Presidents success would have on young Black men who society simply can't stand. 

Its been six years since a then Senator Obama announced that he was running for President and in a Nation of three-hundred million people only on two occasions have I heard anyone offer that the election of a Black President would empower people like me.

That America wouldn't think the election of a Black President would at least have the partial affect on young Black men that Tiger's ascendency in the world of golf did is naive at best and just plain dumb at worst. 

That so many are nervous that we are seeing the ripple effect or as The Grio called it the Obama Effect is a natural progression and another example of how elections have consequences.  

The issue is two fold; 1)People who have a vested interest in seeing Black men remain on the bottom of the proverbial totem pole will resist any attempt to change that paradigm. 2)We have to simply ignore them in spite of their claims of wanting to help the very people they're shooting coming out the 7-11 and at the gas station parking lot with their music too loud. 

It was Senator Obama while on the campaign trail who offered; "Folks in power are reluctant to give up or even share that power." Most thought he was talking about the Bush administration and the Republicans but he wasn't, he was talking about the Clinton's. 

Its important because we really have no reason to think people like Bloomberg, Soros and Toure' would be against the empowerment of young Black men yet, as the good Senator said, "Folks in power are reluctant..."

What we must do is reject the pessimism and obstructionism of those who will criticize the Presidents efforts to overtly reach out to those most empowered by his very success. Was it necessary? No it really wasn't Black men are empowered by Obama whether he personally reaches out to us or not. 

Yet, by not personally reaching out to Black men those who hate Black men could always sell the lie that Obama doesn't care about us and that murdering Trayvon and Jordan Davis for looking like him is OK. Let's send the message that its not. 

Those are my thoughts as usual I invite yours. 

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