Sunday, November 4, 2012


BY Theron K. Cal

I write this column on the Sunday before the Tuesday when America will hopefully do the right thing and re-elect Barack Obama as the President of the United States.

All the polls show a razor close race. Networks who have accepted billions of dollars from Conservative groups and organizations as well as having been purchased and owned by those same groups buying all the advertising, implore us to tune in for the latest polls and did they mention it was close? All with the blessing of the Supreme Court courtesy of Citizens United. If you were black would you trust em'?

As a Real Brother the only Network that I can stand to watch is MSNBC which was purchased by Comcast-- the deal going through in 2011 just in time to insure the election of a white Republican President--and the reason is the other two Networks Fox and CNN skew so far right I'll break my neck tilting my head to watch.

On this Sunday MSNBC is trying something new in pre-empting their usual prison fair-- black men are scary programing to earn some of that money Conservatives have paid them by helping Mitt Romney make his case that America would be better off if our President was white even if that President is an idiot and liar.

I'll never trust the MSM again and I don't think other blacks will either.

When President Obama was elected there was really only one Network black Americans watched and that was CNN. We never saw that Network as being BET or anything but we knew they wouldn't bend the truth to push their agenda like Fox. And to be honest most of us believed that if you had one Network that was neutral then there was nothing wrong with racists having their own Network that wasn't.

But then a funny thing happened on the way to objective journalism; a black man won.

When I was a Journalism student at the University of Washington we used to joke that the school had a back end deal with David Halberstam because it seemed that each and every one of our text books was written by him. One of his beliefs was if you control the media then you control the electorate. Halberstam believed that the media doesn't simply report the news it can shape the thoughts, ideas and indeed dictate the actions of viewers.          

I never believed it but apparently Conservatives bought into it hook line and sinker. When Obama was elected, racists not wanting to give him credit focused on the Media as to the reason why.

Fox has consistently led in the ratings for many years and the fact that they were number one was not lost on CNN and MSNBC, so when Conservatives reached out to CNN and MSNBC with not only offers of loads of cash but with the possibility to compete with Fox in the ratings they both jumped at the chance, but there was an unforeseen problem.

While blacks tolerate and have even gotten used to an opposing viewpoint being presented alongside ours, Conservatives will have nothing of the sort. What CNN and MSNBC quickly found is as soon as a Conservative saw a Liberal on the stage with their guy or gal they immediately switched the channel back to Fox.

This phenomenon even extended to any positive story or suspected positive story about or surrounding President Obama. If Obama rocked the crying baby into serenity the racists changed the channel back to Fox.

Indeed a perusal of the ratings post the Conservative influx of Comcast cash has shown that the twenty-one percent new viewers that tuned into MSNBC came not from Fox but from CNN trying to be Fox Lite. In short MSNBC gained more viewers trying to get away from the Conservative point of view of CNN then were attracted to MSNBC skewing more Conservative.

This created a dilemma for MSNBC because remember they were owned now by a Conservative company that has faced more discrimination lawsuits then the ACLU allows.

Instead of drop the fake opposing racist point of view the Network decided that it would drop the Liberal point of view and simply bash Obama 24/7. What are blacks gonna do, change the channel to Fox or CNN?

My disgust with the MSM came to a head during the first Presidential Debate. Romney told one lie after another; Twenty-three million infants and shut ins are unemployed, the President doubled the ten trillion dollar debt by adding six trillion to it. Forty seven million people on food stamps in 2007 even though Obama was seated in 2009. Obama said Unemployment would be below 5.2%(only after it dipped below 8%)  and it went on and on. 

Blacks including the President left that debate confident that the fact checkers would destroy Romney, but of course they offered that Romney was far more passionate telling his lies then the President was in telling the truth so they were giving the victory to Romney. It was tragic.

Now we get this silly argument made by the same MSM that Sold Out to Conservative interests that President Obama-- the first African-American President hasn't done anything or enough for blacks. They cite the fourteen percent black unemployment due to racists being mad that the Presidents black not wanting to hire blacks or the fact that Uncle Pookie remains in prison for slangin' that crack.

The notion that a black Presidents legacy is in what he's given to or done for us as measured by racists who are afraid his success would empower blacks is silly. Blacks blame the media for this dishonest portrayal of what Obama has done for us as his success has shaken the very foundation of racism & white genetic superiority that blacks are inferior and nobody black has or ever could become President. Its so much larger than free phones and getting Pokie a pardon on his sentence.

Finally, I'm watching Chris Matthews on his special weekend contribution to the Romney Campaign, he more than anyone else with his "thrill up my leg", "I forgot he was black" comments are responsible for Conservatives buying up every media outlet in this Country. Matthews offers; "If President Obama is re-elected then he can thank Bill Clinton".  Our media refuses to give President Obama credit and it turns our collective stomachs.

If Obama wins on Tuesday blacks will never forget how the MSM simply threw us and our President under the bus, if Romney wins blacks will never forget how the MSM simply threw us and our President under the bus.

Theron K. Cal is a writer and host of the Real Brother Radio Show weekdays on Ustream 

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