Tuesday, January 14, 2014

RB vs. Warren Ballentine II

Real Brother here. Play resumes.

Black Idiot Warren Ballentine like so many bitter, angry, Dennis Rodman's other Black Sellouts and New Black Panther Nuts, who's snarky belief that if they simply hate their own Black Race and Culture and worship White people as Superior Gods they'll be successful like Oprah, Obama, Rev. Al Sharpton and them who embrace their Black Race, Culture and REJECT the MYTH of White Supremacy as such becoming rich and successful.

Warren's WRONG because he thinks Whites are superior. Do Whites really want to help Blacks usurp them?

If we didn't hate our Race and Culture and wish we were White but they hated their White Race and Culture and wished they were Black would we want them to usurp us?

But the difference is they don't hate their White Race or Asian Race or Culture and as such don't care what we do, even if what we do is embrace our Black Race and Culture and become President or Oprah(Jay-Z, Beyonce' etc.). Not understanding the dynamics of success is the problem. Warren attacks successful Blacks then argues that we need "jobs"?

What Oprah or Obama or Beyonce' became successful by working at a Wal-Mart? Answer NONE.

No, what successful Blacks ALL have in common is TWO THINGS; 1)They EMBRACED their Black Race and Culture and 2) they REJECTED the myth of White genetic superiority.

It had NOTHING to do with somebody GIVING THEM MONEY or GIVING THEM A JOB or Superior White people GIVING them their blessing. Instead of attacking successful Blacks for being successful and not caring about the poor. Warren and all of us need to FOLLOW THE MODEL of successful Blacks.

How many Real Brothers did Warren Ballentine help get their RB Radio Shows off the ground? Answer NONE. In fact he stood up on the goal posts cock blocking til the end. If I were White Warren wouldn't even consider blocking me from telling Blacks the key to success but because I'm the same Race as him he will do anything and everything within' his power to keep me from creating the JOBS that he claims the Black community needs.

The Sista' was right the best thing you can do for the poor is NOT become one of them. The model for success is there, Black Idiots MUST learn to accept it and embrace it instead of hating from the sidelines.

The solution again; EMBRACE your Black Race and Culture and REJECT the MYTH that Whites are SUPERIOR and you will be amazed at the riches and success you obtain. The other Black Idiots will swear you're a Sellout but you have to tell them to do the same, if they aren't willing to then at least stop hating and lying about nothing having changed. 

Those are my thoughts, as usual I invite yours.


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