Thursday, August 29, 2013

RB v. Charles M. Blow

Real Brother here. Play Resumes. I had to address this disturbing practice of insulting President Obama by scolding him for not being more like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. See, racists were able to kill Dr. King and they just can't quite seem to get close enough to Obama so they had to settle for Trayvon Martin. Its all Obama's fault he should be a more accessible target, shame on him. 

Charles M. Blow--has me blocked on Twitter( ) wrote a piece called "The Most Dangerous Negro" you can read it here: ‘The Most Dangerous Negro’ http://nyti.ms/191qQLe  The article is faulty starting at its premise. How Dangerous is a dead Negro? I know the point is no he was dangerous that's why racists killed him but again how dangerous is somebody that racists can simply kill?

The thinking is, Dr. King was killed because his speech was so much better than President Obama's his ability to get legislation passed better, his sway on the media better, criminal justice system better his health care reform proposals, better and King's plan for how to handle Syria crossing the "Red Line" probably would have been better.

Its the height of lazy thinking(and Journalism) that somehow King was a better more convincing figure because racists were successful in killing him. The fact that racists like Chuck Todd--has me blocked on Twitter--( ) or Piers Morgan() are eager to let Mr. Blow or poverty pimp Tavis Smiley( ) on their shows to tout the inadequacies of our current President to that of  President King.., what? Dr. King wasn't President? Oh, thank you Hillary you're right Obama's no Dr. King, but still.

The absurdity of this thinking especially coming from blacks like Charles M. Blow is even more alarming and ridiculous. I'm not a "blame the media" type brother but when nienty-eight percent of our media is owned by Conservatives(ie racists) anyone bashing a living black leader in favor of a dead one is going to get major play on every Network and Newspaper in the South. Remember, when it comes to media, ninety-eight percent IS the deep South.

I'm not stupid I know if you want influence and a consideration of your ideas you have to get media exposure and if you aren't willing to bash President Obama you ain't gettin' no run, but that doesn't change reality just because you can't get on television without lying.


If President Obama, or me for that matter were to travel fifty years back in time sneak in the back door of the Civil Rights Movement, would the advantage of that fifty years of foresight not give the President an incredible advantage?

Warren Ballentine--has me blocked on Twitter--( ) in making his case that marching, speeches and singing "We Shall Overcome" does nothing, played a 1963 tape of Malcolm X(surprisingly doesn't have me blocked on Twitter) where he criticized Dr. Kings Selma March for Voting Rights and the March on Washington Speech because neither resulted in any tangible legislation.

"No that's not true Mr. X the Selma to Montgomery March will result in the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and the I Have A Dream Speech will result in the 1964 Civil Rights Act"

Who are you? I'm Barry Obama I'm from the future.

Well you're wrong Barry those Marches did nothing but get people killed and that young brother John Lewis beat up.

"No that's not true Mr. X, John Lewis grows up to be a Congressman as a direct result of the Rights that those marches brought about."

OK, get this fool outta' here ain't no black Congressman won't ever be no black Congressman not in this Country. Next he'll be telling me they made The Butler President.

I could continue but you get the idea. It makes us uncomfortable to admit that the fifty year advantage President Obama has over Dr. King means that Obama's speech is better than Dr. Kings but its simply a fact. What we can't do is diminish the Presidents speech or tear it down because by doing so you get to go on Meet The Press or Morning Joe as a featured guest(This Obama Bashing Segment is Brewed by

Blow misses badly with that one. 99.9% of the LOVE America's enemies have for Dr. King is rooted in the fact that at the end of the day racists killed him. Let's not romanticize that. King upset the apple cart he challenged white supremacy and racists did him like Zimmerman did Trayvon. It hurts my heart that in fifty years Trayvon will no longer be a "Thug who got what he deserved" but a WARNING to other young blacks that if we want to kill you, we can and will.

I understand Blow's meaning and intent but let's not fool ourselves; America's enemies love stories of struggle and failure where the Black Guy dies at the end.

So sad so tragic the black rabble rouser died tragically,  get a racist a tissue. ~Racist

No the solution is NOT to allow racists to make martyrs out of blacks or even whites(Gabby Giffords) who would dare challenge the myth that Whites are Superior, even if just by supporting a black President who they can't seem to destroy.

No we focus not on their successes as example but their failures and that would be President Obama. They could murder all forty million black people and all five of the whites who reject the notion of white supremacy but if Obama is still standing, racists will feel they have failed.  They want Obama let's make sure they don't get him.

Those are my thoughts as usual I invite yours. 


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Friday, August 23, 2013


Real Brother here. Play Resumes. 

TRUE STORY: Former Wash State/USC Basketball Coach George Raveling said while in college his team found themselves in  DC to play a college basketball game. 

Someone came to the hotel asking for volunteers to stand next to the podium in case the racists got ignorant during Dr. King's "I Have A Dream" speech

George was a Real Brother so he said; hell yea I'll do it. He's standing next to Dr. King at the podium. After the speech Dr. King stepped off the stage made eye contact with Raveling nodded and casually handed the type written speech to him.  

Check it out below in a recent Inside the NBA FEATURE:


While the "I have a Dream Speech" is the most often quoted speech if not of Dr. King then of any speech in history. It wasn't Kings' most significant or impactful.

Following the historic Selma March--where future Congressman John Lewis would be beaten to within' an inch of his life on the Petus Bridge--King delivered "Our God Is Marching On" It was a call to grant the vote to the Nations black population. It was the speech that led to the Voting Rights Act of 1965. 

You can read the speech here: http://mlk-kpp01.stanford.edu/index.php/encyclopedia/documentsentry/doc_address_at_the_conclusion_of_selma_march/ 

Finally as we take in the festivities of the 50th Anniversary of the March On Washington let us not allow the Ninety-Eight percent of mainstream media that is owned by Conservatives(ie racists) to rob us of the true history of this moment.

The true history is that blacks were fighting the myth that our race and culture is inferior. That we are criminals by nature that we are a problem no, check that, not a problem but THE problem.

Our collective internalization and acceptance of these lies, myths and stereotypes while ebbed by the election of the Nations first black President are still among the biggest challenges we face. 

Nobody would be mad at me if I ended with the warning that though we've come a long way we still have far to go, etc. but I'm not gonna do that. I'm gonna say stop, relax, reflect, pay attention but most of all just be thankful--if for just one weekend--pat yourself on the back and know that you're doin' a hell of a job by just being here. 

Those are my thoughts as usual, I invite yours. 


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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

RB v. People Think Chris Lane Killed for "FUN"

Real Brother here. Play Resumes.

Racist nut Donald J. Trump() fired the first shot Tweetting, "Where are Sharpton & Jackson when the three black thugs murdered Chris Lane?"  I of course fired back, they were busy out there fighting the injustice of Zimmerman getting away with the murder of Trayvon Martin which is why Chris Lane was murdered.

Christopher LaneWhile Trump is too proud(and dumb) to respond to a post of mine--I apparently wear my Thuggery on my sleeve--some of his racist minions did weigh in claiming that that wasn't what the Thugs said and they shot Lane in the back so my claim that the kids were  Standing Their Ground or it was Self-Defense cause Lane attacked them, looked suspicious and had two middle fingers just like Trayvon, were invalid.

If you haven't seen the entire article you can catch the latest here: http://newsone.com/2688252/james...  

The basic story is the kids were bored & wanted to end the Summer with a bang, randomly targeting Lane for no other reason other than he was there. I dispute this claim for a number of reasons the least of which is for as dumb as we think black kids are the last thing you do to end the Summer vacation or when you're bored in general, is throw your life away by murdering someone white. No a more likely scenario is the kids like all of us-- who don't think black genocide is the solution to a black man being elected President--were shocked that Zimmerman was able to blatantly profile, stalk and murder a black teenager, call him all kinda' assholes and mothasucka's admit to it and then get away scott free.

While I doubt that this vile, vicious and unwarranted act was done subconsciously oblivious to the four-hundred and fifty years of Slavery, Oppression, Discrimination & Racism that proceeded it, I'm certain that teenagers ages 15,16 and 17 years old don't have the mental development to articulate their motives beyond exactly what they said and that was they were bored and murdered Lane for fun. 

Chancey Luna and James Edwards"How can you possibly say that, you don't know what their motivations were?" ~Racist Nut

While the science on why people enslaved, oppressed and discriminated against for four-hundred and fifty years sometimes kill the people who enslaved & oppressed them is incomplete, most social scientists agree people who have been slapped in the face for that long tend to not act out of boredom or a sense of life in prison being somehow fun.

So if we are to go with the conventional wisdom which suggests there was a reason(reason, not to be confused with justification) for this violent uncalled for act then let's get to it;


Much has been made about the inherent criminal nature of blacks impeticular black teens. Political correctness if not down right racism and a general hatred of black males in general have derailed any poignant discussion on this issue. Yet if we look at violent black crime since President Obama's election we saw an eighty percent drop in black on black violent crime even in Chicago until 2012 an election year where our ninety-eight percent Conservative(read racist) owned media swore up and down Mitt Romney would be our next President and blacks would get theirs.

Indeed there were a few reports about the "Obama Effect"  but those reports were vague and compared the post Obama crime rates to the rate of crime before the Watts Riots and unrest following the death of Dr. King.

It was only when the Drudge Report( ) did a story on how black crime in Chicago had gone up eighty percent back to the levels it was at before the election of President Obama that I had a percentage to match with the record decline of black crime Nationwide.

If black crime goes up when black leaders are assassinated and black crime goes down when black genius' are elected and go back up again when those leaders are threatened, is it possible that killing black teenagers for no reason but their race could even if on a subconscious level trigger the kind of response we saw in Oklahoma?

Is this not the same Oklahoma where two racist Tea Party nuts Jake England and Alvin Watts went on a black killing spree shooting five and wounding two? Unlike the attackers of Lane Jake England was 32 years old at the time of the shootings so claims of just having fun after being bored with their Summer break probably weren't viable.

And yes it was the same Oklahoma where a racist pre-Tea Party Libertarian nut Timothy McVeigh bombed the Food Stamp/Welfare office killing over five-hundred.

Its been what, a month since the Zimmerman acquittal and while there are Marches & Boycotts planned last we checked George is out there scoping out the Seven Elevens in Texas. Nothing's been done. While real brothers like me are confident Federal charges will be forthcoming against Zimmerman there are young black kids out here that aren't so optimistic.  

"You just want blacks to be able to kill whites because you hate white people." ~Racist Nut

Nothing could be further from the truth. When we oppose racism, white supremacy, black self-hatred we aren't only doing it out of self preservation we do it because its better for all of society. If whites who murder blacks are treated the same way as blacks who murder whites are then we have no complaints. Yet if time after time the message is Virgina Governor McDonnell can accept bribes, gifts and payoffs but Jesse Jackson Jr. and his black wife get the book thrown at them then this not only hurts us it puts whites in danger of being unfairly retaliated against.

Also curious is that all three kids were charged when only one--ironically the white kid-- admitted to pulling the trigger. This is very important because when the five teens attacked Craig Anderson at a motel in Mississippi only one was convicted of his murder. What's good for the goose.

Finally, I'll end it with the solution to the problem which is really up to whites and not us; Let's stop the killing of people to protest the black President. Let's stop demonizing and emasculating black men and boys. Let's end the double standard of letting the murderer of Trayvon Martin go free while not giving the murderers of Chris Lane a fair trial.

If we do this-- along with bringing Federal charges against George Zimmerman-- then our calls to our youth to stand down will not only be heard they'll be welcomed. Those are my thoughts as usual I invite yours.


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Thursday, August 15, 2013

RB vs. Russell Simmons

Real Brother here. Play Resumes 

I wasn't gonna write this one in part because I was hoping it wouldn't be a big deal and in part if I didn't say anything it probably wouldn't be a big deal. 

But when my former cohort now has me blocked on Twitter, NPB() said he was gonna do a You Tube video where he'd bash Russell Simmons()and join the chorus of black man haters(BMH)who saw the video as an attack on all black women as opposed to the singular albeit crass, deplorable, isolated abomination that it was, I figured somebody has to tell the truth less these idiots set racial progress back fifty years.

I hope by now you saw the video because you will not see it here. I think its weak that people who are so upset with the video will risk life and limb to dig it out the trash dust it off and distribute it all day long. 

I did see the video--I was as curious as anyone. It was horrible, not funny and of a depraved black woman as stereotype mind and yes there was a smidgeon of hate indicative of a Brother who married an Asian woman who was running round town telling people she was black. 

One BMH before she blocked me said; "This is proof that even in death black women can't escape the hatred that men have for us" ~BMH 

Come on Sista' you doin' too much. 

While there is no question Russell has issues with black women this video should not be construed as what he or anyone thinks of all black women. We have the best First Lady ever and I'd go as far as to say there will never be another better representative of women in the White House unless & until Rodney Peete becomes President. 

Anyone who tries to say that the Harriet Tubman video is what men think of black women they are being intellectually dishonest. ~RB

Another black man hater before she blocked me said; "I'm waiting for an apology has he given one no?" ~BMH I offered yes he has offered an apology but you won't accept it because you have a black man hating black agenda and are using this as a platform for your attack on the biological gender roles of men and women which you don't like.

You can view Russell's apology if you haven't seen it here: http://usat.ly/14BCyYH via @USATODAY 

I was the first one to predict that Russell would apologize and the BMH's wouldn't accept his apology and would be egged on by racists who will use the opportunity to attack black male leadership which is racist code speak for we can't stand Obama cause he's black like Russell. 

"If Obama had a twin brother he'd look just like Russell Simmmons" ~Racist 

Should we let what racists will say or do dictate our actions? No we shouldn't but that doesn't mean we turn a blind eye to racist opportunists who will use this to prove that blacks are unfit to lead. 

Another black man hater said I can't "lump" all black women into one group but what the hell are you doing by suggesting that this video is an indictment of all black men and our feelings on black women? 

And who are we kidding, none of us like it but when blacks do something especially a prominent successful black man it will be construed as indicative of all of us. 

Another brother wondered out loud what's the difference between this video and Olivia Pope playing black people out every week lettin' white boys run trains on her(OK, but still damn near)? 

The Sista's were hot because certainly you can't equate an unattractive caricature of a Slave and her white Master with an extremely attractive accomplished self-hating wish she were white sellout Sista' suffering from Dark Girl Complex... and her Master?

Noted Black man hater(part-time Sista') Melissa Harris Perry has me blocked on Twitter() will have a bunch a gay dudes and a brother in a funny hat trying to make a joke of it bashing Russell and all but calling for Obama's resignation all weekend long. 

This of course is the same Melissa Harris Perry who was outraged at the movie "The Help" for portraying black women as maids and servants. The same Melissa Harris Perry that will campaign for Oprah to win an Oscar for her role in "The Butler" which is simply the male version of The Help.   

I can only imagine what the racists on CNN & FOX will be doing. 

"Obama's Twin Brother Russell Simmons Attacks All Black Women, Darryl Issa calls for Congressional Hearings,Impeachment"  

~Fox News  

The Idiots will say as a number of sissy soft Needtogrows have said that I'm an apologist for Russell and Obama that 
I must hate black women not to want to sacrifice the entire black race over this and that I'm crazy should be jailed etc. 

That's silly. Every time there's an incident like this I view it as a chance for much needed dialog between black men and women as to our collective problems. Black women see it as another chance to bash the hell outta black men and denounce the biological gender roles and patriarchy.

"We can't tell em'the truth because if we do they'll block us" ~RB 

There is but one solution to this problem and that is to denounce this video forgive Russell Simmons and the actors who appeared in it and promise to never allow something like this to happen again. The last thing we want to do is allow this video to set our race back fifty years by letting the enemies of the black race have a chance to say "See, they shouldn't exist". 

Russell Simmons is not George Zimmerman or Paula Deen and unlike that self-hating sellout ass show Scandal isn't on TV every week. 

Russell understands his error he's apologized good luck getting Kerry Washington & Shonda Ryhmes to do even half as much. ~RB

Finally, everyone wants to be heard and in a society that hates black men the best way to get heard is to bash a black man. I fully understand that(thus the misleading title of this article) but lets not lose sight of what's right and that is while we need to steer our Brothers in the right direction and scold them when they lose their way we aren't racists. We aren't so hardened and mean that we destroy anyone black and male that strays even just a little bit. 

Let's not throw out the baby with the bathwater. 

Those are my thoughts, as usual I invite yours. 


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Monday, August 12, 2013


Real Brother Here. Play Resumes.

I'd seen this self-hating black sellout on CNN they love her because she hates the black race as much as they do.

She has me blocked on Twitter(@GOPBlackChick ) but she joined in with the delusional racists who swore the jury in the Zimmerman Trial was correct to conclude that Trayvon was black & therefore Zimmerman had every right to profile stalk & murder him in cold blood.

Her real name is Chrystal Wright not to be confused with Reverend Jeremiah Wright who was actually right about damning America for 250 years of the very racism & hatred of minorities that the Trayvon Martin lynching typifies.

Mrs. Wright, offers that the evidence in the Trial proved that racist monster Zimmerman didn't profile, stalk or murder Trayvon Martin because he was black. I don't know what trial she was watching but the one I watched Zimmerman said, "he looks Black... He's black...these assholes, did I mention he's black?" If that's not profiling I don't know what is.

Even his Defense Team offered that Zimmerman was justified in profiling Martin because he was black & blacks commit crimes & the Presidents black & OJ was black & well after all Trayvon was black.

"Over and over again witnesses, including lead detectives in the case, testified that Zimmerman showed no ill will towards Martin or blacks, but wanted to do something about the eight burglaries that occurred in his neighborhood. This is why he became a neighborhood watchman." ~Chrystal Wright

This is beyond crazy as these witnesses; number one didn't know George Zimmerman & number two were all White with the exception of the Brother who taught the class on Stand Your Ground Laws that Zimmerman said he knew nothing about. And that's before we get to the absurdity of killing an innocent black teenager because he's black having any affect on crime in Sanford Fl.
We're expected to give Zimmerman a pass on murder because he joined neighborhood watch to fight black crimes against whites? Really? ~Realbrother

"The “world wasn’t watching” the case, as the media and Benjamin Crump, the Martin family attorney, sensationalized; however, the world was watching how irresponsible the American news media was in its coverage of the case. Our liberal mainstream media took the “race bait” hook line and sinker last year from the “black hit squad,” led by Reverends Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson" ~Crystal Wright

Yes, nobody in the world would be interested in whites fearful of real racial equality a merit based society as opposed to one where whites can simply murder their way back to a 1950' era segregation. You kidding me? The ramifications of legalized black genocide in America was of major interest of everyone on this planet. Democracy itself was on trial in Sanford & you damn right the world was paying very close attention.
                                                                                While I don't think the media or their coverage of the trial had anything to do with the travesty of justice that occurred, this lie that the media is liberal when ninety-eight percent of the media is owned by Conservatives(read Racists) makes the faux disgust these Idiots are expressing lame.

"Before any facts were heard, America’s self-appointed “black leaders” smeared, convicted and lynched Zimmerman in the court of public opinion as a white (who’s really Hispanic) who killed a black 17-year-old in cold blood." ~Crystal Wright

Another lie. The facts were clear, a 17 year old unarmed child was murdered by a racist loon who had called 911 forty-nine times to complain about someone black walking around free in a free Country. But this dumb thinking that there was no evidence to even charge Zimmerman was echoed early by Idiots like Michael Issikoff on that so called liberal MSNBC.

"I listened to all forty-nine calls that Zimmerman made to the police and it looks pretty good for him because through no fault of his own each time he called the suspicious person just happened to be black". ~Michael Isikoff

Another racist lie they tell is that Zimmerman is "Hispanic" and therefore he's almost black. No, Hispanic is an ethnicity & its his mothers ethnicity not a race. Zimmerman is as White as Snow White. White Hispanics have been killing blacks almost as much as Anglo racists have.

"While blacks have yet to riot, many happily accepted this brainwashing, changing their twitter avatars to black during the jury’s deliberation in place of the hoodie avatars they donned last year when Trayvon was killed. (Trayvon wore a hoodie that fateful night.) After the verdict, blacks gave the media the images they craved: shouts for justice, posters, and shirtless angry black men standing outside of the Sanford courthouse."  ~Crystal Wright

Racists and their well paid self-hating minions really have a tenuous relationship with facts. You don't have to "brainwash" blacks to oppose racists hunting black boys down killing them in cold blood and getting away with it. The idea that we aren't supposed to protest short of rioting is not only insulting its so damn
dumb its stupid.

And a racist owned media is supposed to not show blacks upset that a monster got away with murder? That black life doesn't matter? Is she serious? What was the media supposed to do, show the racists at Fox News partying like they just won the election?

"The all-female jury’s unanimous verdict of not guilty wasn’t a declaration of “open season on blacks,” as in giving whites a license to kill blacks with impunity. Blacks are doing a fine job of on their own of committing race suicide. Blacks, specifically young black males, are killing and being killed by each other every day in cities across the country." ~Crystal Wright

We knew that was coming. Why so much focus on the wanton murder of Trayvon Martin because he's black when every day someone black who's internalized the hatred society has for blacks, kills someone black?

No the point is the disregard for black life affects all of society which is why we seek to end it, all of it not just for whites or for black would be Conservatives.

Wright goes on to tout the racist talking points about the disproportionate black violent crime rate & prison population using that excuse to justify another four-hundred and fifty years of racism against blacks. Have they ever considered if they wouldn't act out their hatred of blacks we wouldn't react to their hatred thus justifying it in their minds?

"O’Mara was right when he said the case “certainly wouldn’t have happened if Zimmerman was black.” There would have been no campaign to have him charged, no presidential musing about the kind of son he might have had, nor would the national media have devoted a single inch to the story."  ~Crystal Wright

Do racists really think that there are no cases in history where a black kid whistled at a white woman and wasn't lynched? Let alone Emmit Till being arrested. Yet has there EVER been a case in the over two-hundred and fifty years of this Country where a black man stalked and hunted a white child, killed him then lied about being attacked and was set free?

And still again Wright attacks the media because she can't accept that five racist ass white women and one self-hating black fool bowing to pressure ignored the evidence and conspired with a racist Florida State Government committed to black genocide to free a sociopath who thinks its God's will that the black race be exterminated.

"After returning from the 7-Eleven, why didn’t Martin go back to his Dad’s house or call 911 if he was scared Zimmerman was following him? Why did Zimmerman have scratches on his head, a broken nose and bruised eyes, evidence of a fight with Martin? Testimony by renowned forensic pathologist Dr. Vincent Di Maio revealed Martin’s bullet wound was consistent with Zimmerman’s account that there was a fight and Martin was on top of him, beating him." ~Crystal Wright

Is she kidding? There was no burden on Trayvon to race home before George could kill him. This assumption that a seventeen year old knew that a racist monster was hell bent on killing someone black so he should have called 911--racists would have transferred the call right back to Zimmerman--is just absurd.

No he did what any of us would have done-- when George slapped the phone out of his hand and pulled his gun-- he turned and ran.

Wright being dishonest disregards the testimony of the Asian Medical Examiner Dr. Bao  in favor of the racist nut Dr. Vincent Di Maio.  And hell no, a Dr. no matter how racist cannot testify as to who was on top. The best guess is that George grabbed Trayvon's sweatshirt pulled him close and shot him through the heart without thinking twice about it.

Dr. Bao testified that he was certain Trayvon was standing in FRONT of Zimmerman at the time of the shot and the White female forensic expert also confirmed this. Simply believing the liars who claim it was Zimmerman screaming in Trayvon's voice on the 911 tape is silly they have zero credibility.

"As tragic as Martin’s death is the way the media have degraded blacks in their coverage of the case. Meet the Press host David Gregory invited Reverend Al Sharpton as a guest on his July 14 show to tell white America what blacks thought about the verdict. It demeans the intelligence of blacks for Gregory to continue to invite race hustlers like Sharpton on his show to act as the spokesman for “black America,” telling blacks what to think then conveying it to whites. Gregory doesn’t have white people on his show to discuss what white America is feeling and thinking because whites are treated as individuals, not a monolithic group." ~Chrystal Wright

Racists fear Rev. Sharpton because he tends to tell the truth and since the Tawana Brawley incident is very
picky about the causes he undertakes. Their lame attacks on Sharpton are the ultimate attack against the messenger.

Blacks that speak for black America never claim to speak for self-hating sellout ass Needtogrows who have their eggs firmly placed in the basket of those who seek to destroy this Country for electing a black President. David Gregory is the host of the most racist show on television. I have no doubt he wanted to see Rev. Al sweat as he and racist nut Chuck Todd gloated over the verdict that for too many whites confirmed that they are indeed still superior.

Wright finishes in sellout self-hating fashion offering a dig at the NAACP lying about the FBI concluding that there was no racial profiling when in fact the Federal investigation was halted to see if the racists at the State level would do the right thing. Now that we know they haven't the investigation is on going. 

She concludes by suggesting as ice cream loving nut Omara did that a case should have never been brought in the first place because certainly racists have every right to kill unarmed black children.

Crystal Wright will be elevated as a cheap Amy Holmes, a light skinned black woman who's light enough to ease white guilt and black enough to be used to bash the hell out of blacks, but let us not be fooled by her rhetoric, she's being paid by racists with the promise she'll be able to sleep in the big house where she can look down on us field hands. She's 100% Sellout.

Those are my thoughts as usual I invite yours.


Theron K. Cal is a Real Brother who's Novel Temperature Rising is on sale as an e-book for $6 DOWNLOAD IT HERE: http://www.lulu.com/shop/theron-k-cal/temperature-rising/ebook/product-17355738.html