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Real Brother Here. Play Resumes.

I'd seen this self-hating black sellout on CNN they love her because she hates the black race as much as they do.

She has me blocked on Twitter(@GOPBlackChick ) but she joined in with the delusional racists who swore the jury in the Zimmerman Trial was correct to conclude that Trayvon was black & therefore Zimmerman had every right to profile stalk & murder him in cold blood.

Her real name is Chrystal Wright not to be confused with Reverend Jeremiah Wright who was actually right about damning America for 250 years of the very racism & hatred of minorities that the Trayvon Martin lynching typifies.

Mrs. Wright, offers that the evidence in the Trial proved that racist monster Zimmerman didn't profile, stalk or murder Trayvon Martin because he was black. I don't know what trial she was watching but the one I watched Zimmerman said, "he looks Black... He's black...these assholes, did I mention he's black?" If that's not profiling I don't know what is.

Even his Defense Team offered that Zimmerman was justified in profiling Martin because he was black & blacks commit crimes & the Presidents black & OJ was black & well after all Trayvon was black.

"Over and over again witnesses, including lead detectives in the case, testified that Zimmerman showed no ill will towards Martin or blacks, but wanted to do something about the eight burglaries that occurred in his neighborhood. This is why he became a neighborhood watchman." ~Chrystal Wright

This is beyond crazy as these witnesses; number one didn't know George Zimmerman & number two were all White with the exception of the Brother who taught the class on Stand Your Ground Laws that Zimmerman said he knew nothing about. And that's before we get to the absurdity of killing an innocent black teenager because he's black having any affect on crime in Sanford Fl.
We're expected to give Zimmerman a pass on murder because he joined neighborhood watch to fight black crimes against whites? Really? ~Realbrother

"The “world wasn’t watching” the case, as the media and Benjamin Crump, the Martin family attorney, sensationalized; however, the world was watching how irresponsible the American news media was in its coverage of the case. Our liberal mainstream media took the “race bait” hook line and sinker last year from the “black hit squad,” led by Reverends Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson" ~Crystal Wright

Yes, nobody in the world would be interested in whites fearful of real racial equality a merit based society as opposed to one where whites can simply murder their way back to a 1950' era segregation. You kidding me? The ramifications of legalized black genocide in America was of major interest of everyone on this planet. Democracy itself was on trial in Sanford & you damn right the world was paying very close attention.
                                                                                While I don't think the media or their coverage of the trial had anything to do with the travesty of justice that occurred, this lie that the media is liberal when ninety-eight percent of the media is owned by Conservatives(read Racists) makes the faux disgust these Idiots are expressing lame.

"Before any facts were heard, America’s self-appointed “black leaders” smeared, convicted and lynched Zimmerman in the court of public opinion as a white (who’s really Hispanic) who killed a black 17-year-old in cold blood." ~Crystal Wright

Another lie. The facts were clear, a 17 year old unarmed child was murdered by a racist loon who had called 911 forty-nine times to complain about someone black walking around free in a free Country. But this dumb thinking that there was no evidence to even charge Zimmerman was echoed early by Idiots like Michael Issikoff on that so called liberal MSNBC.

"I listened to all forty-nine calls that Zimmerman made to the police and it looks pretty good for him because through no fault of his own each time he called the suspicious person just happened to be black". ~Michael Isikoff

Another racist lie they tell is that Zimmerman is "Hispanic" and therefore he's almost black. No, Hispanic is an ethnicity & its his mothers ethnicity not a race. Zimmerman is as White as Snow White. White Hispanics have been killing blacks almost as much as Anglo racists have.

"While blacks have yet to riot, many happily accepted this brainwashing, changing their twitter avatars to black during the jury’s deliberation in place of the hoodie avatars they donned last year when Trayvon was killed. (Trayvon wore a hoodie that fateful night.) After the verdict, blacks gave the media the images they craved: shouts for justice, posters, and shirtless angry black men standing outside of the Sanford courthouse."  ~Crystal Wright

Racists and their well paid self-hating minions really have a tenuous relationship with facts. You don't have to "brainwash" blacks to oppose racists hunting black boys down killing them in cold blood and getting away with it. The idea that we aren't supposed to protest short of rioting is not only insulting its so damn
dumb its stupid.

And a racist owned media is supposed to not show blacks upset that a monster got away with murder? That black life doesn't matter? Is she serious? What was the media supposed to do, show the racists at Fox News partying like they just won the election?

"The all-female jury’s unanimous verdict of not guilty wasn’t a declaration of “open season on blacks,” as in giving whites a license to kill blacks with impunity. Blacks are doing a fine job of on their own of committing race suicide. Blacks, specifically young black males, are killing and being killed by each other every day in cities across the country." ~Crystal Wright

We knew that was coming. Why so much focus on the wanton murder of Trayvon Martin because he's black when every day someone black who's internalized the hatred society has for blacks, kills someone black?

No the point is the disregard for black life affects all of society which is why we seek to end it, all of it not just for whites or for black would be Conservatives.

Wright goes on to tout the racist talking points about the disproportionate black violent crime rate & prison population using that excuse to justify another four-hundred and fifty years of racism against blacks. Have they ever considered if they wouldn't act out their hatred of blacks we wouldn't react to their hatred thus justifying it in their minds?

"O’Mara was right when he said the case “certainly wouldn’t have happened if Zimmerman was black.” There would have been no campaign to have him charged, no presidential musing about the kind of son he might have had, nor would the national media have devoted a single inch to the story."  ~Crystal Wright

Do racists really think that there are no cases in history where a black kid whistled at a white woman and wasn't lynched? Let alone Emmit Till being arrested. Yet has there EVER been a case in the over two-hundred and fifty years of this Country where a black man stalked and hunted a white child, killed him then lied about being attacked and was set free?

And still again Wright attacks the media because she can't accept that five racist ass white women and one self-hating black fool bowing to pressure ignored the evidence and conspired with a racist Florida State Government committed to black genocide to free a sociopath who thinks its God's will that the black race be exterminated.

"After returning from the 7-Eleven, why didn’t Martin go back to his Dad’s house or call 911 if he was scared Zimmerman was following him? Why did Zimmerman have scratches on his head, a broken nose and bruised eyes, evidence of a fight with Martin? Testimony by renowned forensic pathologist Dr. Vincent Di Maio revealed Martin’s bullet wound was consistent with Zimmerman’s account that there was a fight and Martin was on top of him, beating him." ~Crystal Wright

Is she kidding? There was no burden on Trayvon to race home before George could kill him. This assumption that a seventeen year old knew that a racist monster was hell bent on killing someone black so he should have called 911--racists would have transferred the call right back to Zimmerman--is just absurd.

No he did what any of us would have done-- when George slapped the phone out of his hand and pulled his gun-- he turned and ran.

Wright being dishonest disregards the testimony of the Asian Medical Examiner Dr. Bao  in favor of the racist nut Dr. Vincent Di Maio.  And hell no, a Dr. no matter how racist cannot testify as to who was on top. The best guess is that George grabbed Trayvon's sweatshirt pulled him close and shot him through the heart without thinking twice about it.

Dr. Bao testified that he was certain Trayvon was standing in FRONT of Zimmerman at the time of the shot and the White female forensic expert also confirmed this. Simply believing the liars who claim it was Zimmerman screaming in Trayvon's voice on the 911 tape is silly they have zero credibility.

"As tragic as Martin’s death is the way the media have degraded blacks in their coverage of the case. Meet the Press host David Gregory invited Reverend Al Sharpton as a guest on his July 14 show to tell white America what blacks thought about the verdict. It demeans the intelligence of blacks for Gregory to continue to invite race hustlers like Sharpton on his show to act as the spokesman for “black America,” telling blacks what to think then conveying it to whites. Gregory doesn’t have white people on his show to discuss what white America is feeling and thinking because whites are treated as individuals, not a monolithic group." ~Chrystal Wright

Racists fear Rev. Sharpton because he tends to tell the truth and since the Tawana Brawley incident is very
picky about the causes he undertakes. Their lame attacks on Sharpton are the ultimate attack against the messenger.

Blacks that speak for black America never claim to speak for self-hating sellout ass Needtogrows who have their eggs firmly placed in the basket of those who seek to destroy this Country for electing a black President. David Gregory is the host of the most racist show on television. I have no doubt he wanted to see Rev. Al sweat as he and racist nut Chuck Todd gloated over the verdict that for too many whites confirmed that they are indeed still superior.

Wright finishes in sellout self-hating fashion offering a dig at the NAACP lying about the FBI concluding that there was no racial profiling when in fact the Federal investigation was halted to see if the racists at the State level would do the right thing. Now that we know they haven't the investigation is on going. 

She concludes by suggesting as ice cream loving nut Omara did that a case should have never been brought in the first place because certainly racists have every right to kill unarmed black children.

Crystal Wright will be elevated as a cheap Amy Holmes, a light skinned black woman who's light enough to ease white guilt and black enough to be used to bash the hell out of blacks, but let us not be fooled by her rhetoric, she's being paid by racists with the promise she'll be able to sleep in the big house where she can look down on us field hands. She's 100% Sellout.

Those are my thoughts as usual I invite yours.


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