Wednesday, August 21, 2013

RB v. People Think Chris Lane Killed for "FUN"

Real Brother here. Play Resumes.

Racist nut Donald J. Trump() fired the first shot Tweetting, "Where are Sharpton & Jackson when the three black thugs murdered Chris Lane?"  I of course fired back, they were busy out there fighting the injustice of Zimmerman getting away with the murder of Trayvon Martin which is why Chris Lane was murdered.

Christopher LaneWhile Trump is too proud(and dumb) to respond to a post of mine--I apparently wear my Thuggery on my sleeve--some of his racist minions did weigh in claiming that that wasn't what the Thugs said and they shot Lane in the back so my claim that the kids were  Standing Their Ground or it was Self-Defense cause Lane attacked them, looked suspicious and had two middle fingers just like Trayvon, were invalid.

If you haven't seen the entire article you can catch the latest here: http://newsone.com/2688252/james...  

The basic story is the kids were bored & wanted to end the Summer with a bang, randomly targeting Lane for no other reason other than he was there. I dispute this claim for a number of reasons the least of which is for as dumb as we think black kids are the last thing you do to end the Summer vacation or when you're bored in general, is throw your life away by murdering someone white. No a more likely scenario is the kids like all of us-- who don't think black genocide is the solution to a black man being elected President--were shocked that Zimmerman was able to blatantly profile, stalk and murder a black teenager, call him all kinda' assholes and mothasucka's admit to it and then get away scott free.

While I doubt that this vile, vicious and unwarranted act was done subconsciously oblivious to the four-hundred and fifty years of Slavery, Oppression, Discrimination & Racism that proceeded it, I'm certain that teenagers ages 15,16 and 17 years old don't have the mental development to articulate their motives beyond exactly what they said and that was they were bored and murdered Lane for fun. 

Chancey Luna and James Edwards"How can you possibly say that, you don't know what their motivations were?" ~Racist Nut

While the science on why people enslaved, oppressed and discriminated against for four-hundred and fifty years sometimes kill the people who enslaved & oppressed them is incomplete, most social scientists agree people who have been slapped in the face for that long tend to not act out of boredom or a sense of life in prison being somehow fun.

So if we are to go with the conventional wisdom which suggests there was a reason(reason, not to be confused with justification) for this violent uncalled for act then let's get to it;


Much has been made about the inherent criminal nature of blacks impeticular black teens. Political correctness if not down right racism and a general hatred of black males in general have derailed any poignant discussion on this issue. Yet if we look at violent black crime since President Obama's election we saw an eighty percent drop in black on black violent crime even in Chicago until 2012 an election year where our ninety-eight percent Conservative(read racist) owned media swore up and down Mitt Romney would be our next President and blacks would get theirs.

Indeed there were a few reports about the "Obama Effect"  but those reports were vague and compared the post Obama crime rates to the rate of crime before the Watts Riots and unrest following the death of Dr. King.

It was only when the Drudge Report( ) did a story on how black crime in Chicago had gone up eighty percent back to the levels it was at before the election of President Obama that I had a percentage to match with the record decline of black crime Nationwide.

If black crime goes up when black leaders are assassinated and black crime goes down when black genius' are elected and go back up again when those leaders are threatened, is it possible that killing black teenagers for no reason but their race could even if on a subconscious level trigger the kind of response we saw in Oklahoma?

Is this not the same Oklahoma where two racist Tea Party nuts Jake England and Alvin Watts went on a black killing spree shooting five and wounding two? Unlike the attackers of Lane Jake England was 32 years old at the time of the shootings so claims of just having fun after being bored with their Summer break probably weren't viable.

And yes it was the same Oklahoma where a racist pre-Tea Party Libertarian nut Timothy McVeigh bombed the Food Stamp/Welfare office killing over five-hundred.

Its been what, a month since the Zimmerman acquittal and while there are Marches & Boycotts planned last we checked George is out there scoping out the Seven Elevens in Texas. Nothing's been done. While real brothers like me are confident Federal charges will be forthcoming against Zimmerman there are young black kids out here that aren't so optimistic.  

"You just want blacks to be able to kill whites because you hate white people." ~Racist Nut

Nothing could be further from the truth. When we oppose racism, white supremacy, black self-hatred we aren't only doing it out of self preservation we do it because its better for all of society. If whites who murder blacks are treated the same way as blacks who murder whites are then we have no complaints. Yet if time after time the message is Virgina Governor McDonnell can accept bribes, gifts and payoffs but Jesse Jackson Jr. and his black wife get the book thrown at them then this not only hurts us it puts whites in danger of being unfairly retaliated against.

Also curious is that all three kids were charged when only one--ironically the white kid-- admitted to pulling the trigger. This is very important because when the five teens attacked Craig Anderson at a motel in Mississippi only one was convicted of his murder. What's good for the goose.

Finally, I'll end it with the solution to the problem which is really up to whites and not us; Let's stop the killing of people to protest the black President. Let's stop demonizing and emasculating black men and boys. Let's end the double standard of letting the murderer of Trayvon Martin go free while not giving the murderers of Chris Lane a fair trial.

If we do this-- along with bringing Federal charges against George Zimmerman-- then our calls to our youth to stand down will not only be heard they'll be welcomed. Those are my thoughts as usual I invite yours.


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  1. Hey Racist Nut, have you seen James Edwards' Vine and Twitter? I think you should check it out. Admit it you're just defending them because they are black. That stupid ape thug actually posted on Twitter than he knocked out five white people just because of the Trayvon Martin case. Talk about being racist, huh? Another curious fact is that the one who didn't shoot and showed most regret was the white kid! Makes you think... Oh well, I wish I could personally beat all those stupid punks up and then set them on fire.

    1. Did your STUPID Dumb White Racist ass read the story? Yes they killed Chris Lane because Racists let George Zimmerman get away with Murder. Please pay attention.