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This one was wild. Racist Nut Joe Hillenger gets blasted he's such an Idiot.


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During my morning run I was approached by a guy on the local construction crew who saw my Huskies pullover and said he coached former four year starter, all Pac-12 Quarterback Keith Price from the age of six until he was sixteen years old. 

He told me he got a call from Russell Wilson of the Superbowl Champion Seattle Seahawks who had recently spoken with Price who expressed disappointment and not being invited to workout for NFL Scouts at the recent and upcoming combine when players are being evaluated for the 2014 NFL Draft. 

As the Coach explained, Wilson also expressed displeasure at Price not being invited to the combine and wondered if there was anything he could do to change the mind of the Scouts. The Coach said certainly--anything for the Super Bowl Champ--and Price was on a plane to his hometown of Long Beach, CA. 

They laid down some tires, ropes and put Price through the drills that would be required of the Combine making sure to document everything on film.

The workouts culminated in a marketing campaign put together by the Coach and Price's father with a forward by Wilson himself.

After a more than minor bit of cajoling, Price's father got a call from an NFL official inviting the former Compton California born St. John's Bosco High School stand out-- who's over 2,260 yards passing and 24 touchdowns, while also rushing for 579 yards and 10 touchdowns was only bested by current NFL Quarterback Matt Barkley--to the combine.

Not performing for NFL Scouts doesn't end the hopes of would be athletes with dreams of playing on Sunday. There are numerous high profile Tom Brady's who were selected dead last in NFL Drafts or Tony Romo's not drafted at all in part due to not being invited to or impressing at the NFL Combine. 

Yet more importantly, while the chances of being drafted earlier doesn't guarantee a spot on an NFL roster it does guarantee a more lucrative payday if not a colossal six-figure signing bonus. 

The Coach--who never bothered to tell me his name--said that Price needed a refresher course on his mechanics and footwork but he's confident the private workouts will give him an edge in what most consider a very weak class of quarterbacks in this years draft. If last year was any gauge the field is wide-open with EJ Manual being the only QB drafted in the first round.

Johnny Manziel
The smart money is that former Heisman winner Johnny Manziel will be the first signal caller taken followed by Louisville's Teddy Bridgewater, University of Central Florida's Blake Bortles, Eastern Illinois Jimmy Garoppolo and Fresno States Derek Carr who the Sporting News have listed above Manziel but I think they're smokin' a lil' too much ganga. 

While nobody thinks the Houston Texans would gamble the first pick on Manziel or any of the class of 2014 quarterbacks, there are a number of teams talking trades in an effort to move up with the expressed intent to draft the kid dubbed Johnny football. 

With the recent lack of interest in quarterbacks by the league a QB with the pedigree of Price just may be able to shine.  Next month the league will hold its last showcase; The Super Regional Combine in Detroit on April 12-13. We will be rooting for Kieth Price and thanking Russell Wilson for paying it forward. 

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Once again our boy Roland S. Martin is wrong as two left shoes with the toes turned up.  He recently published a Op-Ed on his blog entitled: Blacks Defending the N-word are Dead Wrong, the text of which you can read here: http://rolandmartinreports.com/blog/2014/03/roland-s-martin-blacks-defending-the-n-word-are-dead-wrong/

The premise of the piece is as advertised; Roland thinks whites are
superior and blacks are stupid so when Richard Sherman uses the word it means the same as when George Zimmerman does and in fact when Sherman uses it after a great play by one of his black teammates that gives Zimmy one more free murder of a black kid. 

"OK, gotcha. And for years we have gotten used to eating everything fried, but that don’t mean we can ignore the effects on our heart and cholesterol." ~Roland S. Martin

Bad analogy. Eating fried food in moderation isn't any worse on our heart or arteries than the belief that whites are superior to us and can simply blame us using the N-Word for their hatred of us.  

All studies show that the health of African-Americans is far more tied to our self-esteem, belief in our self-worth and value of our race and culture far more so than what we eat or how we react to someone using the N-word.

This notion that we have to accept the white interpretation of the N-word when used by us is absurd. Anyone who'd use that term would have far more racial pride than to even consider what a racist or supremacist would think. 

And no, anyone who would work the word into casual conversation especially with whites listening in would have to be an idiot, nobody does that. 

Who can forget when Bone-Thugs and Harmony won the Grammy and the Brother got on stage and spontaneously yelled out... Nigga Whaaaat! 

Who are we kidding here? I know I'm not the only one that noticed Lupita mouth the word S-H-I-T when her name was announced. Its called context and its different when we use the N-word and Michael Dunn uses the words "Thug and Gangsta". He doesn't have to use the N-word, we know what he means. 

As blacks we aren't supposed to be intelligent enough to know the difference between a racist using the word "thug" and Seahawks using the N-word among one another. Its insulting because it assumes a lack of intelligence that typifies the white version of the word.

The Laws of language dictate those who use the word get to define that word, which still leaves room for multiple cultures to have different meanings for the same word. I heard at least one, "That's Gangsta" on that Oscar stage the other night and I guarantee you it wasn't the same meaning that Michael Dunn used before he murdered Jordan Davis. 

"At some point its time to grow up and admit that the N-word is corrosive and nothing more than a continuation of white supremacy. This is not a debate. This should not be a lengthy discussion. It’s time to have more self-respect for our ancestors and us and strike the hateful word from our vocabulary. "  ~Roland S. Martin

Wrong. This deferring to whites in regards to this word is the height of buying into the MYTH of white supremacy. They can't use the word, we can, end of story. 

You don't see us complaining about the only movie they see fit to give an award to is the Slave movie made by a bunch a Sellout Brothers married to white women. Life is oftentimes not fair. 

Nobody black is condoning the white version and historical context of the N-word. We are simply asserting our knowledge of our version of the word and how it has nothing to do with their version no matter how its said or interpreted. 

Please let me and Roland know who's side you fall on and wish him better luck next time. 

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I think I've figured out why our so called Black leaders, our revolutionaries--the Sellout Brothers Sold Out Dr. King and Malcolm X--are so afraid to accept our progress and move on to the next goal as opposed to going back to 1960 to start over again marching for Civil and Voting Rights and full U.S. Citizenship.
Whenever we have a victory be it Obama winning elections the Seahawks winning the Superbowl or the Slave Movie made by the Black people married to White women wins an Oscar we get a spat of Black Need2Grows reminding us that nothing has changed in 200 years and that Slavery is still going on in the NBA.

What they don’t realize is this cynical self-defeatist nonsense is a turn off to anyone considering supporting these Black organizations and individuals because what they’re suggesting has nothing to do with the reality of the moment.

Nobody’s suggesting that our recent victories mean Blacks have full equality or that America is post Racial and its OK for us to all marry a White girl but can we at least acknowledge that rejecting the myth that Whites are superior has at least–even if in a minor way–worked?

If we really examine why Racists are using Stand Your Ground Laws and Voter ID Laws and Citizen United Supreme Court decisions to oppress and re-enslave Blacks you will find that they looked at Civil Rights and Voting Rights laws and saw the success we had with LAWS the COURTS and are simply copying us.
Obama signs a James Byrd-Matthew Shepard Hate Crime Law that says you can’t kill someone because they’re Black and Racists in Florida and 26 other States make a law saying the exact opposite?
How weak are we as Blacks that tactics that we employ are being adopted by Racists and we dont’ even acknowledge their effectiveness?

Instead of rejecting and censoring voices like mine that are calling for us to acknowledge our victories while moving to the next battle the next goal the next Civil Rights movement in favor of denying our victory in the hopes that well go back to 1960 and start all over again, we need to listen to me and stop trippin.

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I last week addressed the Black idiots Jelani Cobb, Imani Perry and NY Times Columnist Charles M. Blow and how they scrambled to defend the MYTH of White Supremacy for their MSM masters who are on pins and needles that Obama's Brothers Keeper initiative will elevate the scum of the earth-- in the minds of society-- the most hated life form on the planet; young Black boys. 

Well since that column we've had Part-time Brother Toure' of the Talented Tenth weigh in as well as "Fox News, please hire me, I'll be a good slave" Don Lemon who dubbed Obama, "Finally...the Black President."  

Also checking in; Stop and Frisk maven and multi-billionaire
Michael Bloomberg as well as "We need to find a new politician Obama's not the guy" George Soros. 

All collectively praising the President in all of his naivete' and for all his too little too lateness before proceeding to offer that Whites are superior and their racism and superiority is systemic and therefore beyond the control of Blacks to erode.

I can't even front I bought it, Black Need2grows saying that Obama's message of personal responsibility was simply pandering to White supremacy and so much blaming the victims of racism as opposed to the real problem, institutionalized racism. 

Wrongly, I was willing to accept that at face value. Now that I see how quick they are to throw shade on the Presidents latest efforts those systemic arguments ring hollow as lame attempts to usurp any influence that the first Black Presidents success would have on young Black men who society simply can't stand. 

Its been six years since a then Senator Obama announced that he was running for President and in a Nation of three-hundred million people only on two occasions have I heard anyone offer that the election of a Black President would empower people like me.

That America wouldn't think the election of a Black President would at least have the partial affect on young Black men that Tiger's ascendency in the world of golf did is naive at best and just plain dumb at worst. 

That so many are nervous that we are seeing the ripple effect or as The Grio called it the Obama Effect is a natural progression and another example of how elections have consequences.  

The issue is two fold; 1)People who have a vested interest in seeing Black men remain on the bottom of the proverbial totem pole will resist any attempt to change that paradigm. 2)We have to simply ignore them in spite of their claims of wanting to help the very people they're shooting coming out the 7-11 and at the gas station parking lot with their music too loud. 

It was Senator Obama while on the campaign trail who offered; "Folks in power are reluctant to give up or even share that power." Most thought he was talking about the Bush administration and the Republicans but he wasn't, he was talking about the Clinton's. 

Its important because we really have no reason to think people like Bloomberg, Soros and Toure' would be against the empowerment of young Black men yet, as the good Senator said, "Folks in power are reluctant..."

What we must do is reject the pessimism and obstructionism of those who will criticize the Presidents efforts to overtly reach out to those most empowered by his very success. Was it necessary? No it really wasn't Black men are empowered by Obama whether he personally reaches out to us or not. 

Yet, by not personally reaching out to Black men those who hate Black men could always sell the lie that Obama doesn't care about us and that murdering Trayvon and Jordan Davis for looking like him is OK. Let's send the message that its not. 

Those are my thoughts as usual I invite yours. 

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Black Idiot(100% Sellout) Charles M. Blow is WRONG again. His latest hit piece on Blacks to please his Racist bosses at the N.Y. Times centers on President Obama's Brothers Keeper initiative.

The problem that so many Bousgie Black Need2Grows site is that Whites are Superior and their oppression of young Black males is SYSTEMIC and therefore any efforts to get these young Brothers to reject the MYTH that Whites are superior and nobody Black stands a chance against these White Gods, are futile and amount to so much pissing in the wind. 

What these Idiots fail to realize is people like President Obama, Jay-Z and Rick Ross and them are multimillionaires who these Black boys definitely identify with. The fact that they had fathers that their mothers killed off or left their White babies momma's for their Black families back in Kenya only helps their identification with these young Brothers.

While I understand how Racists would fear America's most successful African-American male of the 21st Century and his success as EMPOWERING to a group of Black boys that they have decided are better off shot dead coming out the 7/11 or in that gas station parking lot cause their music's too loud, I think the move to highlight the value and worth of these future Obama's, Jay-Z's and yes Rick Ross's is a far more noble endeavor then killing them.

Whether my cynical view that Black Idiots like Blow and others who are quick to appease Racists that this effort like so many other half-hearted attempts to turn Black boys White-- and thus more acceptable to Racists-- too will fail or if their caution is from a general belief that Whites are superior and anything Blacks might do to empower these boys is doomed from the jump, the reality is validating the existence of Black boys by using successful former Black boys is a valid strategy.

In conclusion, we cannot let White fear, caution or Bill O'Reilly style hate prevent this effort by President Obama to be used as another chance to take him down a peg or put him in his place. The bigger picture is, more future Obama's will be better for all of society even White society and therefore should be our focus.

Those are my thoughts as usual I invite yours. 

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As I enter into my second full year of being banned from Twitter it pains me to write this but I'm willing to concede to what Daily Kos Founder, Markos Moulitsas ZĂșniga who was banned from MSNBC after he got the best of Conservative, Morning Joe Host, Joe Scarborough. Markos commented at the time that Conservatives have won the war for Twitter and he would be hence forth cutting back on his use of the site.

Conservatives(ie. racists) own ninety-eight percent of all media and have in this Country for a very long time. Yet the agenda of conservatives--to destroy the Country because the Presidents black--is relatively new making their ownership of all media more urgent and their desire to silence those who oppose their Marxism acute.

The reason those of us in the two percent who don't have a voice let alone access to the seventy-five million users on Twitter post there is because its one of only two social platforms that we can actually find and express the truth. That the forum allows the opportunity to express opinions and arguments that easily expose the folly of conservatism is why we come, but its also why racists don't want us there.

My personal story is one of two conservative white(racist as hell) lawyers; Robert Meliniki(@Rem63489) and Todd J. Kincannon(@Todd__Kincannon).  

Convinced that because they were white, superior and conservative, they'd be able to bully and squash all us dumb libs, of course that notion was turned on its head upon encountering me.

After hitting me with all the 1980 crime stats and the lies about Dr. King being a Republican, blacks starting slavery and slavery's still going on in Africa today, Margret Sanger, Dems started the KKK, zero Democratic votes for Civil Rights to Abe Lincoln was a Republican who freed the Slaves. 

They found I was still standing strong on their stupidity and the simple logic that they hate America's most accomplished President because he's black.

So the lies and talking points failing the racist lawyers used their access to court data and records to sift through my personal life and past to find other racist lawyers who had been destroyed by me who found a fifteen year old paternity suit that I had paid and a phony indictment that an unnamed attorney created in my name accusing me of dealing drugs.

This information complete with my full name and address was plastered all over Twitter with a bounty of first $10,000 then $25,000 for anyone who had information that would either get me arrested, imprisoned or murdered. The Kincannon Nut offered to rape my wife and underage daughter while I was in prison. The other nut made sure my teen daughters name was posted so she could be terrorized as well.

I filed complaints on both at their respective bars and of course contacted Twitter who basically laughed at me for being born black. Still not shaken I continued to destroy any salient argument that they may have made which simply incensed them even more.

They stepped up their threats to include kidnapping and murdering me without any legitimate charges. The
Mielnicki Monster hatched a plan to get me off Twitter for good. He touted his plan hours before I was banned. I don't fully know the details but he hinted that I had called his wife Renee a "whore"-- which I never did-- and that I threatened his five year old son(who'd been five for ten years) which I never did. I read him saying I deleted the incriminating posts. 

The racist nut Todd Kincannon was briefly suspended for threatening my life and his wife(I know, who marries a monster like that but some nut did) posted screen shots of me telling them what I'd do to anyone who showed up at my home to collect their bounty, I haven't been allowed back on the site since. 

One blog site that tracks Twitter said that 700,000 Obama supporters were suspended when the company went public as a condition of their IPO funding(by racists). The two idiot lawyers will deny everything in this blog and threaten to sue me for libel but to successfully sue for libel you have to prove two things; 1)The information is not true and the writer knows it. 2)The information is told with "MALICE" meaning it was told, thus causing irreparable harm to the racists threatening to kill people and rape their underage daughters. 

I hope with this article I'm able to shed some light on how racists are floundering by buying up all the media thinking this will get people to hate the President because he's black and how silly and futile it is. 

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black agenda

TV-ONE Talk Show Host Roland Martin spent the last two days on his show and another 5,000 Facebook posts blasting those of us in the Black community who refused to attack President Obama for being Black and not stepping aside and letting the Hillary supporters run the Country.

It appears for the last five years Hilliary's faithful have been holding onto the Black Agenda which was a set of policy initiatives that were to be presented to her and John Edwards when they became President and Vice President respectively in 2008. 

Finally, after five years of denial and giving up on a Clinton, Edwards ticket-- He decided to spend more time with his two families and she kinda' LOST in the primaries to some Black guy--it was time to bite the bullet and deliver the five point agenda to the President.

So, this week a reported sixty Civil Rights leaders and other Bitter
Betty's upset that Obama was right and they were wrong put on their Sunday bests and rolled up on the White House to give the President the proposal and act like they haven't been chasing their tails for five straight years. 

You can view the plan in its entirety here: http://www.nul.org/21st-century-agenda-for-jobs-and-freedom 

After the 4,999th Facebook post I wondered out loud how many more Roland Martin posts we'd have to endure before somebody produced this so called Black Agenda that President Obama was too stupid to be aware of? 

Once the former CNN Commentator--who claims he was fired for breaking his contractual promise to never reveal why racists really hate President Obama[Spoiler Alert:  because he's Black]--at long last posted a link to the report it became obvious why he was so reluctant to offer any details into what the hell was in it. 

roland-martin-2012-ww-tvone-wideIt turned out to be a regurgitation of Obama's second term policies which is curious because how could Black Idiots who thought Hillary was gonna win, map out policies that would only be initiated after Idiots who thought Romney would win, lost?

The first item on the agenda; 1)Achieve Economic Parity for African-Americans or ie address the issue of Income Inequality ripped directly from the Presidents recent State of The Union Address. We're supposed to believe that they came up with that five years ago when they were turning their backs on a then Senator Obama?

The President signed an Executive Order last week to raise the minimum wage of Federal Contractors to $10.10 cents. The Gap followed suit and Wall-Mart(as racist as they are) is considering a similar move. 

Next on the agenda; 2)Promote Equity in Educational Opportunity. Are they kidding? That's a blast from last years SOTU address when the President called for free Kindergarten for every student in America. 

Obama has been talking about how he and Michelle only paid off their student loans after they became millionaires, subsequently signing legislation that first cut the banks and their 15% profit out of the Student Loan Business and then signed an expansion of the Pell Grant that would henceforth cover the full costs of books, tuition, room and board for the entire four years of a students education.

The extended Pell Grants were specifically targeted for historically Black colleges and universities. How do I know that? Well people who send their kids to expensive private and Ivy League universities are not using Pell Grants they tend to either pay cash or put it on their parents American Express Black card. 

3)Protect and Defend Voting Rights. Again another joke. 

No Attorney General since Robert F. Kennedy-- who predicted in 1968 that by 2008 America would have its first Negro President(we were Negroes back then)-- has brought more legislation aimed at protecting voting rights.

Of the nine States that were covered under Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act, Texas was the first one to enact restrictive voter ID Laws. Holder sued Texas and is currently reviewing lawsuits against Ohio, Florida and Georgia pending implementation of voter ID laws in those States.
obama-signs-bill14)Promote a Healthier Nation by Eliminating Healthcare Disparities. If the previous three initiatives were a joke, then this one's the Kings of Comedy Tour. The official name is; The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act more commonly referred to as Obamacare which differs from Hillarycare-- which these same Black Idiots still support --by saving $2 Trillion Dollars more off the Nations Debt(CBO). 

Last but not least 5)Achieve Comprehensive Criminal Justice System Reform

The President signed legislation reducing the sentencing disparities for cocaine and marijuana possession. The President has called for DNA Testing for all violent offenses and for every inmate on Death Row.

The AG has recently called for the end to the Felony voter ban which disproportionally affects Brothers. I know what they're gonna say;

"Well he can do more..."  ~Black Idiot
No he can't, especially with you Idiots simply taking his policies and reciting them back to him demanding he do what he's already doing. This is so wrong and so lame that anyone who put their name to this nonsense should be ashamed of themselves.

Instead of being bitter, jealous and angry at the success of the Nations most productive President and the failure of so called Black leaders, they should be praising Obama for picking up the ball and running with it. Had Rev. Al Sharpton taken my call I would have asked him if he had any Bibles in the studio? 

I wanted Rev. to take ten of those Bibles, stack them on top of one another and swear that he will never pull a stunt like this ever again.

Those are my thoughts as usual I invite yours.

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The picture above is of the Federal Court House for the Northern District of Florida. Its one of three Federal Court Houses in Florida; the other two are located in Tallahassee(Middle District) and Fort Lauderdale(Southern District). These Federal Courts are important for a number of reasons the least of them is the fact that they have a ninety-eight percent conviction rate.

More importantly, these Court Houses are surrounded by vibrant communities that have very nice White owned hotels, great five-star restaurants excellent rated golf courses and everything a group of Black idiots looking to spend five million-dollars to get their protest march on could dream of.

Yes, as the Reverend Al Sharpton and the NAACP have announced upcoming protest marches and meetings in Florida to protest the recent acquittal of racist monsters; George Zimmerman and Michael Dunn and the mistreatment of Marissa Alexander and U.S Serviceman Michael Giles who were without question standing their ground when they fired at their attackers and were both sentenced to twenty and twenty-five years respectively by Angela Corey.

Sharpton, Roland Martin, Warren Ballentine etc. have banned me from calling their radio shows because I tend to tell too much truth and they view that as counter-productive. The Black talk show hosts and Civil Rights leaders think I'm oblivious to the fact that their income is derived by raising money from a Black community looking for leadership and seeing these leaders as having the answers as well as our best interests at heart.

I fully understand the financial motives behind getting Jordan Davis and other Black teenagers killed by pushing for the State of Florida to charge first, George Zimmerman and second, Michael Dunn-- the next twenty armed racists who will follow their lead--but disagree getting innocent unarmed Black teens killed is the only or most efficient way to keep the National Action Network and NAACP fully funded.

What these Black leaders don't understand is that President Obama raised a billion dollars and won two terms as President not because he called for more Black teenagers to be killed by racists who hate them cause they look like Obama--if Obama had a son he'd look like--calling for Angela Cory to take on the case.

No, Obama's success in part is due to the fact that Black on Black killings dropped eighty-percent when he was elected. In deed his success, the solving of problems, even if only in promise was far more lucrative for his organization than a strategy of getting Blacks killed.

My argument is Black Civil Rights leaders will raise far more money if they can show that nobody Black has been shot because they looked like President Obama, because they know they'll be tried in Federal Court as opposed to Angela Cory's Kangaroo Court where you're assured of an acquittal.

Would the three Federal Courts and the communities for which they serve be mad if five million dollars was pumped into their economy by Blacks pushing for the next twenty; Shoot The Kid Cause he looks like Obama Trials to be brought to their Courts instead of Angela Cory's?

Would you turn down five-million dollars to prosecute racist monsters who killed unarmed Black children for no other reason than hate?  Reverend Al would still get to fund raise to get the five-million needed to launch the successful march. Roland Martin would still get to wear his pink ascot pocket square and go on TV-One and swear up and down that race had nothing to do with it.

More importantly the next racist, thinking about killing an unarmed Black teenager will know that he'll be tried in a Federal Court where they have a James Byrd-Matthew Shepard Hate Crime Law and a ninety-eight percent conviction rate. Angela Corey will know that she won't be trying any more hate crime cases and her District won't be getting any protest march millions until the laws in her State are changed.

So let's spread the word that we need to take these trials out of the State Courts and into the Federal Courts because there's nothing but upside and win win for everyone concerned. Those are my thoughts as usual I invite yours. Don't forget about The Real Brother Radio Show, Weekdays 6-9PM on the Black Talk Radio Network.


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Sunday, February 16, 2014


Mr. Obama I know you're busy its Martin.  I see Black Idiots are talking about a Boycott of Florida, its not the right strategy its not 1963.  Me and Malcolm are mad as hell that you Idiots are talking about boycotting so you can vote and have Civil Rights which is what we fought for and won. No, we got the Federal Hate Crime Laws that you signed Mr. President we simply aren't using them.

So tell those Black Need2Grows that your job is not to retrace my steps its to move forward to issues of income inequality and a path for poor people to get into the middle class. Please get on that right away.

Oh, and tell my kids I'll reach down from heaven and slap the taste out their mouth if they sell my stuff or try to protect a Legacy that I didn't give two flying flips about. Protect my legacy by insuring Social Justice and Civil Rights remain in place for all Black people.

Oh, and to the young Brothers and Sista's that will have to take up my fight when you old heads are gone if they relate better to me on the cover of a Twerk flyer or looking out the window like Malcolm then I'm all for it. Each generation will celebrate me differently, its all good.

Keep up the Good Fight and stop thinking of your Black Race and Culture as inferior.

Dr. King


Saturday, February 15, 2014


While dumb right wing racists and Whites are superior Black idiots-- convinced we will never get any justice type Need2Grows will find a way to diminish it, we did get a four out of five count conviction on the Racist Monster Michael Dunn. Granted the murder charge was not proven with a hung jury on that count--which does mean even a racist jury found Dunn's story shaky at best--but still.

Make no bones about it, this wasn't about the Stand Your Ground Laws or the racism of the Florida Courts or even--forgive me--justice for Jordan Davis. This trial was about whether racists can declare all out war on Blacks and not have to worry about any repercussions or consequence.

As Blacks we were all upset and while relieved that the Monster will go to prison for the rest of his life our fear about the mistrial on the First-Degree Murder charge stung. It was some ol' George Zimmerman, "It was God's Plan" type nonsense.

What we have to realize is while killing Black kids for no good reason is deplorable to us, to White people its simply another entitlement i.e. Freedom that comes with being born White. For as deplorable as White Supremacy is the attempts of Whites to hold onto the privilege to gun down innocent Black teens is something that's hard for them to give up.

I won't lie, I fully expected the White jury to come back with an acquittal and I wasn't alone, you thought the same thing too. Its ironic because while the vast majority of Whites would never kill a Black teenager because the Presidents Black, the notion that they could if they wanted to is attractive to all Whites and a privilege they don't want to easily give up. 

Now we need to look to the future and that is to get Reverend Al Sharpton to promise(on a stack of Bibles) that he will never again push to have a racist hate crime trial in Florida or any other; Kill em' cause they're Black claim your life was in danger State. We want no protests, no marches, no rallies, or petitions until the laws in these States are changed.

We have the Renisha McBride trial coming up in racist Michigan where they just bankrupted Detroit and are itching to join Florida in letting the murderer of a Black teen off. We'll possibly have a Kendrick Johnson trial and the Brother Alfred Wright who was murdered with racists claiming it was a drug overdose after they cut his throat and ear off could go to trial in Texas another racist red State.

We must move to have those trials prosecuted as Federal Hate Crimes under the James Byrd, Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes laws. The lie that one has to be proven to be a racist or to have used a racial slur or epitaph is false. I read the law in fact you can read it here: http://www.justice.gov/crt/about/crm/matthewshepard.php

There is no burden to prove someone's a racist only that they killed someone by profiling them due to their race, sexual orientation, religion etc. 

The Federal Hate Crime Law allows for conviction based on stereotyping and even in at least two cases where Sikh's were confused as Muslims.

No longer allowing the prosecution of Hate Crimes in States with racist discriminatory Stand Your Ground laws will serve two purposes; 1)It will force these States to rethink these laws and 2) It will send the message to racists thinking of doing a Zimmerman that they will be tried not in their own backyard but in a Federal Court and race will be allowed into the trial.

Let's enjoy this victory for humanity that we won today and get up tomorrow and work on getting these trials held in the Federal Courts so we can end this senseless killing of innocent Black teens. 

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