Tuesday, March 4, 2014



I think I've figured out why our so called Black leaders, our revolutionaries--the Sellout Brothers Sold Out Dr. King and Malcolm X--are so afraid to accept our progress and move on to the next goal as opposed to going back to 1960 to start over again marching for Civil and Voting Rights and full U.S. Citizenship.
Whenever we have a victory be it Obama winning elections the Seahawks winning the Superbowl or the Slave Movie made by the Black people married to White women wins an Oscar we get a spat of Black Need2Grows reminding us that nothing has changed in 200 years and that Slavery is still going on in the NBA.

What they don’t realize is this cynical self-defeatist nonsense is a turn off to anyone considering supporting these Black organizations and individuals because what they’re suggesting has nothing to do with the reality of the moment.

Nobody’s suggesting that our recent victories mean Blacks have full equality or that America is post Racial and its OK for us to all marry a White girl but can we at least acknowledge that rejecting the myth that Whites are superior has at least–even if in a minor way–worked?

If we really examine why Racists are using Stand Your Ground Laws and Voter ID Laws and Citizen United Supreme Court decisions to oppress and re-enslave Blacks you will find that they looked at Civil Rights and Voting Rights laws and saw the success we had with LAWS the COURTS and are simply copying us.
Obama signs a James Byrd-Matthew Shepard Hate Crime Law that says you can’t kill someone because they’re Black and Racists in Florida and 26 other States make a law saying the exact opposite?
How weak are we as Blacks that tactics that we employ are being adopted by Racists and we dont’ even acknowledge their effectiveness?

Instead of rejecting and censoring voices like mine that are calling for us to acknowledge our victories while moving to the next battle the next goal the next Civil Rights movement in favor of denying our victory in the hopes that well go back to 1960 and start all over again, we need to listen to me and stop trippin.

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