Friday, March 7, 2014


During my morning run I was approached by a guy on the local construction crew who saw my Huskies pullover and said he coached former four year starter, all Pac-12 Quarterback Keith Price from the age of six until he was sixteen years old. 

He told me he got a call from Russell Wilson of the Superbowl Champion Seattle Seahawks who had recently spoken with Price who expressed disappointment and not being invited to workout for NFL Scouts at the recent and upcoming combine when players are being evaluated for the 2014 NFL Draft. 

As the Coach explained, Wilson also expressed displeasure at Price not being invited to the combine and wondered if there was anything he could do to change the mind of the Scouts. The Coach said certainly--anything for the Super Bowl Champ--and Price was on a plane to his hometown of Long Beach, CA. 

They laid down some tires, ropes and put Price through the drills that would be required of the Combine making sure to document everything on film.

The workouts culminated in a marketing campaign put together by the Coach and Price's father with a forward by Wilson himself.

After a more than minor bit of cajoling, Price's father got a call from an NFL official inviting the former Compton California born St. John's Bosco High School stand out-- who's over 2,260 yards passing and 24 touchdowns, while also rushing for 579 yards and 10 touchdowns was only bested by current NFL Quarterback Matt Barkley--to the combine.

Not performing for NFL Scouts doesn't end the hopes of would be athletes with dreams of playing on Sunday. There are numerous high profile Tom Brady's who were selected dead last in NFL Drafts or Tony Romo's not drafted at all in part due to not being invited to or impressing at the NFL Combine. 

Yet more importantly, while the chances of being drafted earlier doesn't guarantee a spot on an NFL roster it does guarantee a more lucrative payday if not a colossal six-figure signing bonus. 

The Coach--who never bothered to tell me his name--said that Price needed a refresher course on his mechanics and footwork but he's confident the private workouts will give him an edge in what most consider a very weak class of quarterbacks in this years draft. If last year was any gauge the field is wide-open with EJ Manual being the only QB drafted in the first round.

Johnny Manziel
The smart money is that former Heisman winner Johnny Manziel will be the first signal caller taken followed by Louisville's Teddy Bridgewater, University of Central Florida's Blake Bortles, Eastern Illinois Jimmy Garoppolo and Fresno States Derek Carr who the Sporting News have listed above Manziel but I think they're smokin' a lil' too much ganga. 

While nobody thinks the Houston Texans would gamble the first pick on Manziel or any of the class of 2014 quarterbacks, there are a number of teams talking trades in an effort to move up with the expressed intent to draft the kid dubbed Johnny football. 

With the recent lack of interest in quarterbacks by the league a QB with the pedigree of Price just may be able to shine.  Next month the league will hold its last showcase; The Super Regional Combine in Detroit on April 12-13. We will be rooting for Kieth Price and thanking Russell Wilson for paying it forward. 

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