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Once again our boy Roland S. Martin is wrong as two left shoes with the toes turned up.  He recently published a Op-Ed on his blog entitled: Blacks Defending the N-word are Dead Wrong, the text of which you can read here: http://rolandmartinreports.com/blog/2014/03/roland-s-martin-blacks-defending-the-n-word-are-dead-wrong/

The premise of the piece is as advertised; Roland thinks whites are
superior and blacks are stupid so when Richard Sherman uses the word it means the same as when George Zimmerman does and in fact when Sherman uses it after a great play by one of his black teammates that gives Zimmy one more free murder of a black kid. 

"OK, gotcha. And for years we have gotten used to eating everything fried, but that don’t mean we can ignore the effects on our heart and cholesterol." ~Roland S. Martin

Bad analogy. Eating fried food in moderation isn't any worse on our heart or arteries than the belief that whites are superior to us and can simply blame us using the N-Word for their hatred of us.  

All studies show that the health of African-Americans is far more tied to our self-esteem, belief in our self-worth and value of our race and culture far more so than what we eat or how we react to someone using the N-word.

This notion that we have to accept the white interpretation of the N-word when used by us is absurd. Anyone who'd use that term would have far more racial pride than to even consider what a racist or supremacist would think. 

And no, anyone who would work the word into casual conversation especially with whites listening in would have to be an idiot, nobody does that. 

Who can forget when Bone-Thugs and Harmony won the Grammy and the Brother got on stage and spontaneously yelled out... Nigga Whaaaat! 

Who are we kidding here? I know I'm not the only one that noticed Lupita mouth the word S-H-I-T when her name was announced. Its called context and its different when we use the N-word and Michael Dunn uses the words "Thug and Gangsta". He doesn't have to use the N-word, we know what he means. 

As blacks we aren't supposed to be intelligent enough to know the difference between a racist using the word "thug" and Seahawks using the N-word among one another. Its insulting because it assumes a lack of intelligence that typifies the white version of the word.

The Laws of language dictate those who use the word get to define that word, which still leaves room for multiple cultures to have different meanings for the same word. I heard at least one, "That's Gangsta" on that Oscar stage the other night and I guarantee you it wasn't the same meaning that Michael Dunn used before he murdered Jordan Davis. 

"At some point its time to grow up and admit that the N-word is corrosive and nothing more than a continuation of white supremacy. This is not a debate. This should not be a lengthy discussion. It’s time to have more self-respect for our ancestors and us and strike the hateful word from our vocabulary. "  ~Roland S. Martin

Wrong. This deferring to whites in regards to this word is the height of buying into the MYTH of white supremacy. They can't use the word, we can, end of story. 

You don't see us complaining about the only movie they see fit to give an award to is the Slave movie made by a bunch a Sellout Brothers married to white women. Life is oftentimes not fair. 

Nobody black is condoning the white version and historical context of the N-word. We are simply asserting our knowledge of our version of the word and how it has nothing to do with their version no matter how its said or interpreted. 

Please let me and Roland know who's side you fall on and wish him better luck next time. 

Those are my thoughts as usual I invite yours. Don't forget The Real Brother Radio Show, Weekdays on the Black Talk Radio Network.


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