Wednesday, February 19, 2014


The picture above is of the Federal Court House for the Northern District of Florida. Its one of three Federal Court Houses in Florida; the other two are located in Tallahassee(Middle District) and Fort Lauderdale(Southern District). These Federal Courts are important for a number of reasons the least of them is the fact that they have a ninety-eight percent conviction rate.

More importantly, these Court Houses are surrounded by vibrant communities that have very nice White owned hotels, great five-star restaurants excellent rated golf courses and everything a group of Black idiots looking to spend five million-dollars to get their protest march on could dream of.

Yes, as the Reverend Al Sharpton and the NAACP have announced upcoming protest marches and meetings in Florida to protest the recent acquittal of racist monsters; George Zimmerman and Michael Dunn and the mistreatment of Marissa Alexander and U.S Serviceman Michael Giles who were without question standing their ground when they fired at their attackers and were both sentenced to twenty and twenty-five years respectively by Angela Corey.

Sharpton, Roland Martin, Warren Ballentine etc. have banned me from calling their radio shows because I tend to tell too much truth and they view that as counter-productive. The Black talk show hosts and Civil Rights leaders think I'm oblivious to the fact that their income is derived by raising money from a Black community looking for leadership and seeing these leaders as having the answers as well as our best interests at heart.

I fully understand the financial motives behind getting Jordan Davis and other Black teenagers killed by pushing for the State of Florida to charge first, George Zimmerman and second, Michael Dunn-- the next twenty armed racists who will follow their lead--but disagree getting innocent unarmed Black teens killed is the only or most efficient way to keep the National Action Network and NAACP fully funded.

What these Black leaders don't understand is that President Obama raised a billion dollars and won two terms as President not because he called for more Black teenagers to be killed by racists who hate them cause they look like Obama--if Obama had a son he'd look like--calling for Angela Cory to take on the case.

No, Obama's success in part is due to the fact that Black on Black killings dropped eighty-percent when he was elected. In deed his success, the solving of problems, even if only in promise was far more lucrative for his organization than a strategy of getting Blacks killed.

My argument is Black Civil Rights leaders will raise far more money if they can show that nobody Black has been shot because they looked like President Obama, because they know they'll be tried in Federal Court as opposed to Angela Cory's Kangaroo Court where you're assured of an acquittal.

Would the three Federal Courts and the communities for which they serve be mad if five million dollars was pumped into their economy by Blacks pushing for the next twenty; Shoot The Kid Cause he looks like Obama Trials to be brought to their Courts instead of Angela Cory's?

Would you turn down five-million dollars to prosecute racist monsters who killed unarmed Black children for no other reason than hate?  Reverend Al would still get to fund raise to get the five-million needed to launch the successful march. Roland Martin would still get to wear his pink ascot pocket square and go on TV-One and swear up and down that race had nothing to do with it.

More importantly the next racist, thinking about killing an unarmed Black teenager will know that he'll be tried in a Federal Court where they have a James Byrd-Matthew Shepard Hate Crime Law and a ninety-eight percent conviction rate. Angela Corey will know that she won't be trying any more hate crime cases and her District won't be getting any protest march millions until the laws in her State are changed.

So let's spread the word that we need to take these trials out of the State Courts and into the Federal Courts because there's nothing but upside and win win for everyone concerned. Those are my thoughts as usual I invite yours. Don't forget about The Real Brother Radio Show, Weekdays 6-9PM on the Black Talk Radio Network.


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