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While I welcome the debate it bothers me to no end that the truth about Black Self-hatred and White Supremacy isn't being discussed honestly in this Country.

I'm referring to the 100,000 posts and comments on Kenyan born actress Lupita Nyong who after a twenty year career as a Real Sista' in Kenya and America making movies and acting, became an over night success portraying a Slave in the critically acclaimed 12 Years A Slave movie.

Its ironic that the featured clip of Nyong's role in the movie is when she chides the Brother, Norton-- played by British actor Chiwetel Ejiofor-- for Selling Black People Out carrying water for their White Master. Its important because none of the people touting Nyong's meteoric rise to prominence are talking about her embracing her Black Race and Culture and rejecting the myth of White Supremacy.

On the contrary, what Black women are doing is using a very White standard of measure to tout Nyong as a role model for other dark skinned Sista's that may hope to be White one day. She's reported to have attended an Ivy league college(Yale) after undergraduate study at Hampshire College in Massachusetts.

Nobody's knocking education, but the notion that an education makes someone White is absurd and to use that as a measure or qualification to be a role model for someone Black is equally absurd. No, she's not a High School Drop Out who started a Rap Music Label(Jay-Z) but that doesn't mean we try to negate her embracing of her dark skin while making her mark in a very color conscience society that rewards conformance as opposed to defiance.

"Why she gotta be a role model for dark skinned black women why not Miley Cyrus?"

 ~Sista' Need2Grow 

Because White girls like Miley Cyrus dont' hate their Black Race and Culture and think of Whites as superior to them and that dark skin is ugly, Black girls do. This notion that teaching Black women that they should look past or through their "dark skin" to somehow empower them is exactly the problem holding so many Black women back.

Yesterday there was the report that one of the oldest human fossils ever found in Europe was discovered and that it was a White male. Most people would celebrate that as a blow to all the Ancient Black women fossils found in Africa. I have a different take, one that Archeologists have long known but refuse to report because of its meaning to the myth of White Supremacy.

There's a reason the oldest fossils found are of African women and subsequent finds are of White or Asian men. The common belief that men populate the world or at the very least Europe and Asia is only partly true; The fact is the African's who left the continent to populate Asia and Europe weren't male at all they were female.

The 2001 Genome Project Study found that the race and gender of a human child is determined by its biological father. It was the most controversial part of that study, so much so that when President Bush was selected by the racists of the Supreme Court in 2000 he quickly moved to defund the study which had been commissioned by President Bill Clinton along with at least nine other nations. The site was immediately taken down only to return after America elected its first Black President.

"In a compromise or maybe not, when Obama's Energy Department revived the Genome Project website the information on Race was omitted." ~RB

If the Genome Project Scientists and Archeologists are correct(and they are) then this explains how Europe and Asia are populated by Whites and Asians because the children those White and Asian men had with those African women were indeed White and Asian as opposed to Black or "half Black" as so many who are simply biologically incorrect believe.

Finally, if the issue is the need to continue humanity-- and many Racists will argue against this point-- then it would behoove us as a society to protect those Black women who are responsible for giving birth to humanity. What better way to do that then to celebrate Black women who embrace their Black Race and Culture?

I say we should bend over backwards to remind everyone that Lupita Nyong is Black and she's dark and she's beautiful and she's a role model for other dark skinned Sista's. If she indeed suffers from Dark Girl Complex or she hates herself and Race and wishes she were White then she should keep that to herself because the damage that could do would have a ripple effect that would put our existence as a human race in jeaprody.

Those are my thoughts as usual I invite yours.


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