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Today the subject of my blog is Glenn Greenwald, the columnist & blogger for The Guardian who recently revealed classified information that the United States Government has been collecting information from cell phone records, emails & Internet communications under a program called Prism. Greenwald feels this is the "I told you so" moment that President Obama is unfit to serve as President of the United States.

I take serious issue with this proclamation by Greenwald one that is being echoed by the usual subjects on both the left and right. The entirety of the Conservative owned mainstream media fresh from getting the weeks talking point that the message will henceforth be, this White House is awash in scandal, salavates at yet another fake scandal that will no doubt this time mean the end of the evil black Muslim in the White House who never should have been there in the first place.

Greenwald a Democrat, ( ) has me and anyone who would tell him the truth or question his double standards as well as blatant and obvious racism blocked was praised in many circles for revealing similar information on the Bush Administration for wire tapping the phones of in many cases innocent U.S. Citizens without a warrant. It was these revelations that led to Congressional action on the Patriot Act that led to the updating of FISA Laws(The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978) that are the legal basis for Prism.

I joked on my fictional series I call Racism In Media 101 that the game is to compare Bush using the Patriot Act to lie us into two wars with Obama using the Patriot Act to get Terrorists but the best humor does indeed have its basis in truth.

Nobody would question Greenwald or anyone else taking issue with Bush wiretapping U.S. Citizens to find out if they knew he was lying about WMD's in Iraq or the sixty billion dollars he spent on aids experiments in Africa that netted nary a cure or treatment or that he was spending twelve point three trillion dollars off the books or stealing the homes and equity of blacks or leaving four thousand of them to drown during hurricane Katrina .

Certainly Bush had broken the law and misled the American people to advance his agenda to cripple the American Government to prove that Government was bad and didn't work. That said the standard Greenwald applied to Bush was based on the law and his duty to act in the best interest of the American people all the people not just the few disgruntled racists who're mad cause they lost the Civil War.

Yet there is a markedly different standard being applied to President Obama that was echoed by many MSNBC Hosts who offered that while Bush was soundly criticized by a then Senator Obama for skirting the boundaries of the law a now President Obama is working within those boundaries to accomplish the same thing as Bush. Implication being Obama is no better than Bush.

This is absolutely wrong because the point is to use the law to achieve the goal, which is keeping the Terrorists from blowing us to bits. The notion that Bush working outside of the law is the same as Obama working within' the law is silly. Greenwald was perfectly justified in calling out Bush but let's be real about why he's calling out President Obama.

I often speak on the double standard that I've applied to President Obama because of his race. I freely admit that this double standard-- a more stringent standard-- was and is necessary because whites will simply target this President far more than they would a white one. So I don't begrudge Glenn Greenwald or any other racist if they are more critical of Obama than they are or were Bush, but here's the problem;

Whites who simply hate this President because he's black will not be satisfied until he's run out of office on a rail. If that's the end goal then the standard can't be, "yea what he did was legal but still". No the standard if you're talking ending America's Democracy has to be more than, you hate him cause he's black. The standard has to at bare minimum be did he break the law, did he skirt his duty did he let the Terrorists steal four planes and blow up the World Trade Center in broad daylight? If that standard hasn't been met then Greenwald and everybody else who lost billions of dollars buying MSNBC, CNN and the Huffington Post need to either stand down or keep looking for the smoking gun.

Nobody's stupid we know that the racist enemies of President Obama are dying to have America succumb to a terrorist attack so they can have a real, "I told you so" moment we understand that. We also understand that while racists spied on us during the last administration,  they're scared Obama will spy on them, but at the end of the day we don't enact policy based on a racists fear as much as what strikes the best balance between safety and privacy within' the boundaries of the law.

Finally, some racist nut like Greenwald will count the number of times I use the word racist in this article making the claim that whites have decided to ignore racism and as such not talk about it. I reject this nonsense because hating Obama because he's black has everything to do with his race and nothing to do with his duty to protect this Nation from its enemies nor to upholding the Constitution which is what he's sworn to do.

Those are my thoughts as usual I invite yours.


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