Tuesday, September 17, 2013


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Every time a racist Tea Party nut goes into a public place, shoots innocent race mixers, Obama supporters or blows them up as in Boston our ninety-eight percent owned Conservative media swings into action.

"The shooter was mentally ill, suffered from PTSD he was a Liberal a Democrat, a dark-skinned Islamic Jihadist a New Black Panther!" ~Racist Owned Media

In short don't worry this had nothing to do with our constant bashing and berating of President Obama or our demonizing him as evil and unworthy of office because of his race. But in reality that's exactly why people who are indeed mentally ill would arm themselves and in a Kamikaze like fashion mow down innocent people as if their honor, their Country, their God depended on it.

Its high time we stop the practice of allowing the mainstream media, our law enforcement our legislators to dismiss these racist acts of terrorism as just a loose cannon who snapped in a fit of rage after watching a cable news channel that told them to go into the Navy Yard and shoot the very people responsible for Democracy working.

I cringe at the absurdity of Reverend Al Sharpton( ) and Mellissa Harris Perry--has me blocked on Twitter--() as they mourn the death of the Birmingham Four who died when Tea Party racists(what? please) bombed the Fifth Street Baptist Church killing four little girls, as racists silently smile and collectively let out a "Hell yea!".

Yes, while we mourn these attacks and senseless killings based on nothing but race we can't be so clueless that we don't realize racists see each incident as a victory.  ~RB

At the press conference following the Navy Yard shootings we were introduced to Dr. Janis Orlowski the head Trauma Surgeon in the Metro DC area;

"I want to see my Trauma Center shut down... We have to do something about mental illness in this Country and stop these senseless shootings." ~DR. Janis Orlowski 

Bless the heart of Dr. Orlowski she's defying her fellow whites and positioning herself as naive by even asking for something to be done. I commend her for that. Yet can we be honest that this is exactly what racists in the Tea Party and Media want? Its the very sense of hopelessness and helplessness that is fueling these attacks.

What is mental illness if not the inability to distinguish between what sensible people are saying as opposed to racists who simply hate this President because he's black and want idiots bold enough and stupid enough to kill the people who'd dare support him?

It speaks to the heart of the issue. The average person can watch cable news all day long and hear how horrific it is that the President of the United States is a black genius and not once think about harming him or his supporters but someone who's mentally unstable will only hear one thing, "You must take action, you must kill the bad people who support this evil President." ~MSM

If I know that-- and I'm black and supposedly stupid--you don't think racists who own our media who create the talking points and weekly scandals don't know it as well? They don't need everyone who hears the dog whistle of anarchy or mass murder to act only someone mentally unstable enough to not realize its wrong.

The Southern Christian Leadership Conference(SCLC) did a study on right wing militia groups and concluded that less than fifty-thousand of these nuts remain in the United States. These are active armed and ready for the "Race War" kooks. They are convinced a Race War is eminent.  I mentioned the SCLC study to a few racists on Twitter who dismissed my claim using the argument that people like Aaron Alexis (Navy Yard shooter) and Fort Hood Shooter Nidal Hasan are lying in wait for the call and will defect and join in the slaughter of the Nations eighty million racial minorities. 

The notion that a few defectors and fifty-thousand Ted Nugents will slaughter eighty-million racial minorities is absurd but its one that these Tea Party nuts simply believe with all of their hearts. Its why we can't dismiss our role in objecting to our media legitimizing the Tea Party ideology. We have to point out that while absurd to us the notion that President Obama is evil because he's black doesn't sound absurd to the mentally ill. 

Four-percent of blacks didn't support President Obama and mental illness plays a role here as well. What blacks on the surface would oppose a black President simply because he's black and white racists hate him? As a real brother I can listen to right wing radio and watch CNN and MSNBC all day long and I'm not going to turn on Obama because the RNC has purchased these Networks. 

Joy Ann Reid-- who's the best journalist on television-- said recently racists are pressuring her to turn against Obama. She didn't say which racists but no doubt these are her bosses at MSNBC who are dangling the carrot of giving her her own show if only she would help them destroy President Obama.  I hope that she can resist but also understand if she doesn't. 

Finally, we learned in school that mental illness is always based in the reality of the society in which the mentally ill person lives. In regards to this President, those who'd kill people who support him believe that he is indeed evil because of what they perceive as a majority of white people who are saying as much. Our job is to tell the truth that the whites who are portraying the Nations most accomplished President as evil are in reality a small but vocal minority who are themselves by their very hatred of this honorable decent man simply because of his race, indeed just as mentally ill as the people who they're asking to carry out their hate crimes. 

Those are my thoughts as usual I invite your. 


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  1. So many lies I hardly know where to begin. There is no evidence that Alexis was a racist Tea Party nut. To say so is lie number 1. FBI has already stated Alexis had a host of serious mental issues. Since he's now room temperature his motives may never be known. But to say racism was the cause of his act is lie number 2. The 4% of blacks who didn't vote for Obama are mentally ill? Really? Care to prove that? Of course you can't. Lie number 3. Mental illness is "always" based on the reality of the society on which they live? Lie number 4. There are biological, environmental, and psychological factors. All of which can contribute to mental illness. SCLC. Looked for the study on their website and did a general search. Found nothing. I'll call that lie number 5. You still have more lies but I'm running out of comment space. I'll be around.

    1. Real Brother here.

      Racists have this DUMB notion that if THEY aren't satisfied with a reality than that reality hasn't' been proven. This is silly. The FACTS aren't LIES. Have you PROVEN Blacks who shoot up the Govt. support that Govt? Does that make sense? No what make sense is Mentally ill Blacks will shoot up the Govt. if Racists tell them that Govt. is Evil.


    2. Your facts ARE lies. Have I proven Blacks who shoot up the Govt. support that government? Now, read the question you posed to me again. It's you question that makes no sense. We had a disturbed man who decided to take his version of vengeance out on strangers. Nothing more...nothing less. You say what makes more sense is that some racists ordered Alexis to shoot up the government because the government is evil. It's not surprising that you provide not one bit of evidence to support that claim. You are entitle to your opinions but you are not entitled to your own facts or to try and convert your opinions into facts.

  2. During hour 1 you said that Africa is the largest continent on this planet. WRONG. Asia is the largest continent on this planet both in population and land mass. Since you blocked me on twitter this is the only way I can tell you, once again, that you are WRONG. #RB0003Lies